OTECO Oilfield Equipment

OTECO Oilfield Equipment has been a leading manufacturer of high quality oilfield equipment and accessories since 1948. OTECO product offering is extensive, including: Gate Valves, Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges, Fluid End Consumables, Replacement Rubber Products, Rig Hardware of all kinds, and other products such as our OTECO Connector and our custom made rig Shock Pads.

Every OTECO product is manufactured to exacting standards for long lasting performance under tough oilfield conditions. When you specify OTECO products, you purchase quality with time proven design and manufacturing experience.

Oteco Still Product

  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
  • Reset Relief Valve (RRV)
  • Manifold Fittings
  • Wireline Equipment
  • Mud & Oil Guards
  • Box Wrenches
  • Chain Connectors
  • BOP/ Rubber Product
  • Pipe and Kelly Wipers
  • Bladders and Accessories
  • Balancing & Pull Back Straps
  • In 1978 the Sanders family expanded the company by consolidating OTECO’s operations into a new facility off of Jenson Drive, where OTECO still operates today. In 1990 Mrs. Sanders sold the company to National Flame and Forge, a Houston-based manufacturer of fluid-end consumables mud pumps, which was founded by W.E. Pielop Jr. in 1940. Since the acquisition, three generations of the Pielop family have continued to operate and grow the company with a focus on maintaining the quality and customer service that OTECO has always been known for. these are the product of oteco :

Model 72 Gate Valve

Designed for the oilfield, the Model 72 gate valve is the proven, reliable choice for applications requiring up to 5,000 psi working pressure and temperatures up to 250° F (121° C). The Model 72 gate valve is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability and is ideal for corrosive water flood applications, sour gas and crude oil service, as well as certain wellhead applications.

Float Valves

Oteco drill pipe float valves and baffle plates offer high quality single piece body construction for your every need. We offer our models in plunger or flapper style with automatic fill and pressure monitoring capability. Our seals are compatible for both standard and sour gas (H2S) service.

Premium Pistons

OTECO’s innovative bonded polyurethane piston dramatically extends service life in triplex mud pumps with ample water cooling. Harder, more dense polyurethane construction provides superior resistance to abrasive fluids providing optimum service life in harsh drilling conditions.

Stem Guided Valves & Seats

The OTECO premium stem guided valve and seat features an extra wide metal to metal seal on the valve flange. The serrated upper surface on the valve gives a longer non-breathing seal between valve body and insert while the rigid seat cross-arms give greater strength and positive sealing.

Model DM Gate Valves

Oteco DM series fits the bill for lowcost valve operation. Made from high strength weldable alloys and corrosion resistant components, this water, oil and gas gate valve provides ease of in-line repairs. The DM valve is offered with working pressure ratings up to 7,500 PSI (517 BAR), with standard or sour gas trim options, and 90 durometer main seals.


The OTECO Connector serves the same function as a high pressure flanged assembly. The hub element is the equivalent of a flange, the clamps serve the same purpose as flange bolts, and the seal ring acts as the pressure gasket. The OTECO connector is used in extreme conditions where corrosive or dangerous fluids and/or elevated or cryogenic temperatures are encountered.

Shock Pads

OTECO manufactures shock pads for offshore rig jacking systems. Each pad is made with specially formulated rubber, molded between layers of corrosion resistant steel plates and is tested under load prior to shipment. This product is available upon request only and is custom manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Pressure Gauges

Oteco pressure gauges have a built in dampening mechanism to minimize wear and mechanical shock. In addition, the heavy duty seals restrict line fluid from entering the gauge mechanism. The gauge mechanism itself is surrounded by a special oil providing resistance to extreme temperatures, as well as vibration and shock.

Ref: oteco.com

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