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Nittoseiko Bringing technology and know-how beyond the boundaries of each department and group company, and responding to customer concerns and requests. Its thorough inquiry and flexibility creates new solutions.

General Information

NITTOSEIKO products that support our lives

NITTOSEIKO products are active in a wide variety of industries. For example, “industrial fasteners (screws)” are used to conclude all industries such as automobiles, cameras, mobile phones, and glasses. “Screw tightening robots” and “automatic assembly machines” are used in the assembly process of automobiles, home appliances, amusement equipment and information equipment. Furthermore, “flow meters” are used in the process of making food, seasonings, juices, foods, drinks, and chemical products.

“Manufacturing Solution Group” recognized and required around the world

Long-term Management Vision: Aiming to be a “Manufacturing Solution Group” that is recognized and required around the world Brand Slogan: Taking new steps forward together We aim to become a group that is highly valued by customers and stakeholders.

Nittoseiki Products

The three divisions of NITTO SEIKO cooperate to develop and supply advanced and high quality products. These divisions are the Fastener Division, which handles screw products (industrial fasteners), the Machinery Division, which handles automated assembly machinery, and the Control System Division, which handles measurement and inspection machinery.

Nittoseiko Products
Nittoseiko Products

Flow Meter

Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways. The common types of flowmeters with industrial applications are listed below :

Mass Flow Meter

CLEAN FLOW is a mass flow meter which realize high performance and high reliability.It can measure mass flow directly by detecting phase difference of measuring tube which is generated by Coriolis.

Rotary Flow Meter

This is a rotary piston type flow meter fit for a wide range of applications, and capable of high-accuracy measurement in a wide flow rate range.

Super Rotary Flow Meter

Realized multifunctional indications, the expanded flow rate range, the high-accuracy measurement and the improved durability, by loading a microcomputerized counting unit on a rotary piston type flow meter of the simplest structure among all positive displacement flow meters.

Small Rotary Flow Meter

This is a rotary piston type flow meter not easily affected by temperature and viscosity. Various kinds of materials can be selected, and maintenance and inspection are also simple.

Micro Flow Meter

This is a high-precision flow meter adopting rotary piston type suitable for measurement of low flow rates. High-precision measurement, batch preparation and other types of control in a low flow rate range.

Flow Eye

This is a flow meter realized by loading an electronic indicating & counting unit on the measuring section of a rotary piston type positive displacement flow meter.

Digital Flow Rate Indication-Integrator

Performs the I/F or V/F conversion of the analog signal proportional to the flow rate, and digitally indicates the instantaneous flow rate and the integrated flow rate.

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