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Kansai Automation In recent years, automation of production processes has been progressed. Level sensors occupy an important role, and more precise products are required for the inventory control/management.

General Information

With a belief of our “ Zeal and Originality. ” Our enthusiasm has had been improving our customer satisfaction with our customized products. In addition, Kansai focus on measures such as environmental protection and safety standards required to support our customers CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) along with the industry- academia collaboration and future technical tie-up with overseas manufacturers.

Zeal and Originality

PASSION above all can be a foundation for strength. Exerting our knowledge and making the impossible come true in the firm brief that our possibilities may be expanded infinitely.  ORIGINALITY can page a new path. Exerting our technical capabilities and turning adversity to leap in a hope that our dream may come true.

Mission Statement

  • Challenging to upgrading to a leading company in the industry.
  • Contributing to the betterment of the global community through our business.
  • Developing persons of polite and courteous character.
  • Realizing a happy and promising life for people.

Kansai Automation Feature

Level Sensor, a measuring equipment for material’s volume (powder, granule and liquid). Level sensor is essential for every manufacturing process. As many facilities in the factory are proceeding to automation, level sensors play important roles in process management of manufacturing. We rank in top 3 manufacturer of level sensors in Japan.

We were awarded a prize of “OSAKA Monodzukuri Sprits, Excellent Company of OSAKA 2010” .We promise to improve ourself to provide better products and service to our customers as one of the excellent manufacturers in Osaka. *A prize awarded to companies developping the manufacturing industries in Osaka and contributing to local community.

We have an academia-industry cooperation with Doshisha University. It is not only for product developments but also for building a basic technology and bringing up high skilled engineers for R&D.

Kansai Automation Products

Kansai proud to provide our custom made products for each customer’s request. We suggest and provide the most suitable level sensor to your application. In this industry, we are providing the biggest number of custom made products. To provide the products as quickly as possible, we are always improving our skills and knowledge. Customer is always our first priority. Kansai Automation Products :

Kansai Automation Products
Kansai Automation Products

Level Switch

Detects whether or not powder, granule, and liquid are present at each point. Detects levels such as upper limit, middle limit, and lower limit. Various models including a rotary type, capacitance type, vibration type, and float type are available.

Level Indicators

Measures the powder, granule, and liquid level continuously while outputting 4 to 20 mA. Various contact types and noncontact types are available.

Flow Sensor

Most suitable for detecting the flow in a pneumatic conveying line and the clogging in a chute. When a microwave emitted from the sensor touches the powders or granules flowing in the pipe, the reflected wave converts and amplifies the frequency drift according to the Doppler effect, and produces contact output.

Conveyor Peripherals

Various switches are available including a switch that executes emergency stop when a trouble has occurred in a belt conveyor, etc. and a switch for detecting a flow on a conveyor.

Flow Meter

Flow velocity and water level can be measured simultaneously by one sensor! It can be used only by fixing the sensor to the bottom of a water channel. Large-scale constructions such as weir and pipe establishment are not needed.


The oxygen concentration in a gas is measured from the difference in the oxygen partial pressure (pressure that oxygen accounts for in the atmospheric pressure) between the reference gas in the meter body and the measured gas.

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