Kansai Level Sensor

Kansai Level Sensor

Level Sensor, a measuring equipment for material’s volume (powder, granule and liquid). Level sensor is essential for every manufacturing process. As many facilities in the factory are proceeding to automation, level sensors play important roles in process management of manufacturing. Kansai rank in top 3 manufacture of level sensors in Japan.

We are proud to provide our custom made products for each customer’s request. We suggest and provide the most suitable level sensor to your application. In this industry, we are providing the biggest number of custom made products.

Kansai Level Sensor Product List

Kansai Level Switch
Kansai Level Switch

Level Switch

Detects whether or not powder, granule, and liquid are present at each point. Detects levels such as upper limit, middle limit, and lower limit. Various models including a rotary type, capacitance type, vibration type, and float type are available.

Level Switch for Powder

[Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch]NL/NM Series
[Reversible Paddle Type Level Switch] NNL/NNM Series
[Small Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch] LS Series
[Swing Type Level Switch] SWM Series
[Microwave Type Level Switch] MWS2 Series

Level Switch for Liquid

[Horizontal Float Type Level Switch] KF-200/KFG-200 Series
[Vertical Float Type Level Switch] KF-300/KFE-3000 Series
[Multi-Point Ball Float Type Level Switch] KF-805N/KARI Series
[Small Float Type Level Switch] KS/KV/RFS/MFS Series
[Diaphragm Type Level Switch] KF-500 Series
[Electrode Type Level Switch] KF-600 Series

Level Switch for Powder and Liquid

[Capacitance Type Level Switch] ALN/SL Series
[Vibration Type Level Switch] KVK/KVA/KVS/KVF Series
[Vibration Type Level Switch] KVX/XV2 Series

Level Indicator

Measures the powder, granule, and liquid level continuously while outputting 4 to 20 mA. Various contact types and noncontact types are available.

Contact Level Indicator

[Capacitance Type Level Indicator] KLI/KLT/KLG Series
[Sounding Bob Type Level Indicator] KSL Series
[Rador Type Level Indicator(Time Domain Reflectometry)] VF Series
[Float Type Level Indicator] KF-100 Series

Non-Contact Level Indicator

[Radar Type Level Indicator] VG6/VG7 Series
[Ultrasonic Type Level Indicator] MULTIFLEX/MINIFLEX LR
[Ultrasonic Type Level Indicator(for Liquid)] LU Series
[Laser Type Level Indicator] LASER RANGE-L/-S Series

Flow Sensor

Most suitable for detecting the flow in a pneumatic conveying line and the clogging in a chute.

Conveyor Peripherals

Various switches are available including a switch that executes emergency stop when a trouble has occurred in a belt conveyor, etc. and a switch for detecting a flow on a conveyor.

Dust Monitor

Products contribute to environmental protection in dust monitoring.

Flow Meter etc.

Flow detection indrainage, sludge blanket leveland sludge densitymeasurement

Analyzer etc.

Oxygen concentration, and gas analyzer.


Introduction of optional instruments for level meters including a bargraph meter and digital meter.



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