Quincy Compressor Reciprocating – Piston Portable Air Compressors

Quincy Compressor Reciprocating – Piston Portable Air Compressors, Quincy Compressor’s portable air compressors offer industry-leading power and efficiency in a small package. They are an excellent choice for home/DIY use, while still delivering the power and reliability necessary for commercial applications. Backed by an industry-leading extended warranty option, Quincy portable air compressors are built for the long haul, providing excellent value in nearly any situation.

If you’re on the market for a new portable air compressor, read on to learn more about why Quincy is the brand of choice for demanding customers.

How Portable Compressors Work

The majority of portable compressors — including those manufactured by Quincy — feature a single-stage, reciprocating/piston design. Piston compressors work by forcing air through an inlet valve into a cylinder, where the reciprocating motion of a piston compresses it. Once it compresses the air to the desired level, it activates a discharge valve, sending it out to power a tool or whatever attachment to which the unit will be connected.

Single-stage compressors feature a single valve and piston assembly. This makes them smaller, lighter and more portable, but limits the amount of power the unit can provide. For this reason, they are most commonly used in garages, workshops, construction sites and other applications where you can sacrifice continuous power for the sake of value or portability.

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Reciprocating Air Compressor Benefits

Some of the critical benefits of a reciprocating air compressor are: 

  • High pressure and power: Reciprocating compressors can push out high pressure and energy, even though they are compact. 
  • Low maintenance costs: These compressors have fewer moving parts than others, which leads to less wear and tear and part replacement. 
  • Improved efficiency: Reciprocating compressors can be used intermittently and do not need to run continuously. They produce high power at low energy levels and can help lower your outputs. They are best used when turned on and off frequently. 
  • Longer product life: As these compressors do not run repeatedly, they are less likely to need repairs. You can get more time out of your compressor. 
  • Compact design: These compressors are smaller than other styles, making them easy to transport and place closer to the work site. If you work in oil and gas, a portable compressor can help on multiple sites.

Quincy Compressor carries several different reciprocating air compressors for any industry. Browse our inventory of air compressors to discover which one is best for you.

Quincy Portable Compressor Products At a Glance

Quincy’s portable single-stage air compressors boast a number of professional features at a price that’s right for any customer, including:

  • A cast-iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plate, delivering improved durability and strength
  • Aluminum head and fin design for improved heat dissipation, reducing wear on the motor
  • Working pressures between 110 and 135 PSI, with a standard 1/4″ pressure regulator
  • A fully enclosed belt guard and ASME-standard safety valves


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