Tokyo Keiki (Tokimec)

TOKYO KEIKI INC established in 1896 as Japan’s first manufacturer of measuring instruments. its start as a producer of pressure gauges. For 125 years, we have embraced the themes of world-class technology, quality that responds to the expectations of our customers and creation of new value in the development and manufacture of numerous new products that are reflective of the times and dramatic advances in technology.

TOKYO KEIKI INC. is comprised of the Marine Systems, Measurement Systems, Fluid Power & Control Systems, Inspection Systems, Electronics Systems, and Communication & Control Systems Companies. The products and services provided to customers by these six companies contribute to the enhancement of our society.

Navigational safety and energy savings of ships is greatly improved by the autopilots, radars, electronic chart display & information systems, and other products provided to the large and diverse maritime market by the Marine Systems Company. The Measurement Systems Company’s highly regarded and proven ultrasonic flowmeter and its radar level gauge products are vital components in water and wastewater management systems and river monitoring disaster prevention systems. Addressing the themes of energy savings, environmental compatibility, and computerization, the Fluid Power & Control Systems Company provides a wide variety of hydraulic products for injection molding machinery and machine tools.

The remote control of construction equipment enabled by the wireless control systems and other products manufactured by the Company factors greatly in the realization of unmanned construction and labor savings. Inspection equipment provided by the Inspection Systems Company is utilized by the printing industry to detect imperfections in printed aterial as well as problems in the printing process, issues that are critical for rigorous quality control.

The Communication & Control Systems Company supplies microwave devices which are core components in wireless information equipment and power electronics. The Company also provides helicopter broadcasting systems that optimize television relay circuits and inertial sensors that are essential for attitude control of autonomous mobile robots and other applications. Advanced aerospace electronic equipment for the defense market and marine traffic systems for the Japan Coast Guard are among the products offered by the Electronics Systems Company

Tokyo Keiki Product List by Sector

  • Marine Systems
  • Fluid Power Systems
  • Flow and Level Measurement
  • RF Components
  • WEB Inspection Systems
  • Railway Maintenance
  • Construction Systems
  • Sensor
  • Maritime Traffic

Marine System Of  Tokyo Keiki

  • IBS
  • Gyrocompass
  • Autopilot systems
  • Marine radar
  • Speed log
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Straight Leg Course Control Unit
  • Digital Course Recorder

Fluid Power System Of  Tokyo Keiki

  • Direct Drive System
  • Vane Pumps
  • Piston Pumps
  • Vane Motors
  • COMNICA Valve
  • Digital Valve
  • Manifold Block
  • Power Package
  • Switches & Sensors
  • Large Scale Power Units (Tokyo Keiki Power Systems)

Flow and Level Measurement

  • “intelligent DIGITAL” Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFW-100
  • Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFL-30
  • Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFH-100
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter UVH-2000
  • Non – Contacting Radar Level Gauge KRG-10
  • Microwave Level Gauge MRG-10
  • Flat Radar Level Sensor MRF-10
  • Vibration Detector VD-10
  • Docking Support System DL-3000
  • Graphic Recorder KR2S00
  • Infrared Multi Analyzer
  • Submersible Pressure Transmitter KL78
  • Pressure Transmitter KH15
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter KH62

RF Components Of  Tokyo Keiki

  • Solid State Power Oscillator
    • 2.45GHz 100W SSPO
    • 2.45GHz 200W SSPO
    • Others
  • X Band Gan High Power Amplifer
    • 9.5GHz 100W FET

Railway Maintenance

  • Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector “Rail Tester” PRD-300
  • Ultrasonic rail inspection car ‘URIC’
  • Portable ultrasonic rail flaw imager’SM-3R’
  • Switch profile gauge ‘SPG-3S’, ‘SPG-3N’
  • Expansion gap gauge ‘EGG-1N’, ‘EGG-1S’

Construction Systems Of  Tokyo Keiki

  • Tunnel Navigation: TMG-32F / Fiber Optic Gyrocompass for Tunnel


  • Vibrating Silicon-gyro Attitude Sensor VSAS-T1G
  • Vibrating Silicon-gyro Attitude Sensor VSAS-2GM
  • Velocity Type Strong Motion Seismometer TSM-1
  • For vibration isolation seismometer application Servo Accelerometer TA-25J


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