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Fluid Components International (FCI) provides measurement solutions that help improve air and water quality, reduce green-house gases, reduce energy consumption and conserve the use of natural resources throughout the world. Our Industrial division delivers instruments that ensure its customers’ processes and equipment are running effectively and efficiently to increase their productivity and minimize waste.

General Description of Fluid Components International

Our Aerospace division sensors provide aircraft operators and pilots with real-time feedback about their aircraft’s operation to ensure both passenger comfort and safety. FCI Nuclear division instruments provide clean energy producing nuclear power plants operators with measurement data that helps ensure reliable and safe operation within the processes and around the plant.

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For more than five decades FCI has been a world leading manufacturer of sensors and instrumentation solutions for industrial processes and plant operations, on-board aircraft and nuclear power plants applications. For each of these segments, FCI offers an array of products with superior performance and quality, longest service life and with the pedigrees and certifications that meet or exceed the industry norms and the application conditions.

As a pioneer in thermal dispersion measurement technology, FCI thermal mass flow meters, thermal flow switches and level switches are the industry most recognized and installed, throughout the world. FCI has developed and is the market leader in constant power technology, has innovated techniques such as equal mass sensor and is the sole provider of the industry’s Vortab® tab-type flow conditioners. FCI’s standard product line and vast selection of options are provided to ensure a solution matched to your application.

FCI offers the widest selection of thermal dispersion technology instrumentation products. When rugged conditions combine with strict process control requirements, FCI’s thermal dispersion RTD sensing elements establish an unmatched record of superior product performance and reliability for the harshest environments.

Advantages of Thermal Dispersion (thermal mass flow meters):

  • No moving parts, orifices, bearings or seals to foul or fail
  • Accuracy for precision flow measurement, especially in low flow applications
  • Repeatability for consistent measurement in complex process environments
  • Wide flow range and wide turndowns for a broad range of applications
  • Highly reliable and dependable in rugged process environments
  • Easy installation with reduced maintenance requirements

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Line of Business Fluid Components International

Flow Switches

Fluid Components International
FCI Flow Switches

FCI’s flow switches are designed for accurate, highly repeatable trip-point sensitivity in water, oils, chemicals as well as air and any gas in industrial plants and processes. FCI’s electronic flow switches have no moving parts to foul, clog or stick resulting exceptional reliability with no maintenance.


  • FLT93B Flow Switch
  • FLT93S Flow Switch
  • FLT93F Flow Switch
  • FLT93L Flow Switch
  • FLT93C Hygienic, Sanitary Flow Switch


  • FS10i Flow Switch + Monitor
  • FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor

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Level Switches

Fluid Components International
FCI Level Switches

FCI’s level switches are designed for accurate, highly repeatable trip-point sensitivity in water, oils, chemicals in industrial plants and processes. FCI’s electronic level switches have no moving parts to foul, clog or stick resulting exceptional reliability with no maintenance.


  • FLT93B Level Switch
  • FLT93S Level Switch
  • FLT93F Level Switch
  • FLT93C Level Switch
  • FLT93M Level Switch

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Fluid Components International
FCI Thermal Mass

CI thermal mass flow meters feature precision, surface-mount, RoHS compliant electronics with industry leading functions, such as AST (available in models ST80 and ST100), and communications capabilities, and with un-matched agency approvals and certifications. Whether standard analog outputs like 4-20mA or pulse, or digital bus communications of HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, Modbus and more, FCI has a thermal flow meter solution.


  • FS10i Natural Gas Flow Meter
  • FS10i Air/Compressed Air Flow Meter


  • ST50 Mass Flow Meter
  • ST51/ST51A Mass Flow Meters
  • ST75 Series Mass Flow Meters
  • ST80/ST80L Mass Flow Meters
  • ST100A Mass Flow Meters


  • MT100 Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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