Kofloc Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

Kofloc Mass Flow Meter and Controllers motto is “A Scientific Approach for Fluids.” In other words, we create products that scientifically measure and control the balance of liquids and gases. We trust that through our work we are making a contribution to the regeneration of the environment and to the establishment of a prosperous society.

Kofloc mass flow measuring/control technology based on mass flow meters and mass flow controllers has been used widely for the manufacture of semiconductors, liquid crystals, optical fibers, and other electronic devices; gas supply for fuel cells; combustion gas control for burners and the like; and for test, production, and inspection quipment in the food industry, biotechnology, and many other industries.

kofloc mass flow sensor
kofloc mass flow controller

KOFLOC products are used in the most advanced manufacturing sites for mobile phone backlights, IC chips etc. What sustains our reputation for the highest quality are the craftsman-like skills handed down over the years and handmade manufacturing technology honed by experience.

Area flow meters are one of KOFLOC’s most important products. And a key component at the heart of area flow meters is the glass piping. The thickness, length and memory interval of the glass piping vary according to the type of gas being measured and the measuring location.

Products are tailored to meet the various needs of customers and KOFLOC employees give their personal touch to product development. In comparison with conventional mechanical products, mass flow measuring instruments offer more sophisticated flow measurement because they are not susceptible to temperature and pressure and they can pick up electric signals from the flow.

KOFLOC manufactures a variety of products related to electronic flow meters (mass flow controllers and mass flow meters), and quickly releases new products. Our products are highly valued by our customers such as :

Kofloc Product by Categories

Kofloc Mass Flow Meter/Accessory

  • Compact Digital MFC / MFM MODEL EX-250S SERIES
  • All Metal Digital MFC / MFM MODEL EX-550 SERIES
  • Digital Mass Flow Controller DF-200C SERIES
  • Digital Mass Flow Controller DF-250C SERIES
  • Digital Mass Flow Controller with Indicator DF-300C SERIES
  • Digital Mass Flow Controller with Indicator DF-350C SERIES
  • All-Metal Digital Mass Flow Controller DF-550C SERIES
  • Mass Flow Controller/Mass Flow Meter with Indicator MODEL 8500 SERIES
  • Standard Mass Flow Controller MODEL 3660 SERIES
  • High-grade Mass Flow Controller MODEL 3200 SERIES
  • High Grade Metal Seal Mass Flow Controller MODEL 5100 SERIES
  • Low-cost Mass Flow Meter with Display MODEL 3810DSII SERIES
  • High-grade Mass Flow Meter MODEL3100 SERIES
  • Standaid Mass Flow Meter MODEL3760 SERIES
  • Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor MODEL3810S SERIES
  • Low-cost Digital Mass Flow Meter MODEL D3810 SERIES
  • Compact Readout Unit MODEL CR-400
  • Flow Indicators MODEL DPM-3
  • Flow Setting Device MODEL CK SERIES
  • Mass Flow Controller/Meter Power Units MODEL PSK-FB SERIES
  • Compact Handy Mass Flow Control/Measurement Unit FLOW COMPO

Kofloc Flow Meter

  • Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK20T SERIES
  • Compact Electromagnetic Flowsensor VN
  • Vane Wheel Flowsensor ND
  • Gear Type Flowsensor OFZ
  • Turbine Type Compact Flowsensor NDV
  • Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve MODEL RK1250 SERIES
  • Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve MODEL RK1200 SERIES
  • Flowmeter with Bellows Needle Valve MODEL RK1500 SERIES
  • Low-cost Flowmeter MODEL RK1700 SERIES
  • Purge Flowmeter with Needle Valve MODEL RK1650 SERIES
  • Purge Flowmeter with Needle Valve MODEL RK1600R SERIES
  • Simplified Flexible Flow Meter MODEL RK1100 SERIES
  • Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2503F SERIES
  • Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2504FR SERIES
  • High Precision Flowmeter MODEL RK1450 SERIES
  • High Pressure Flowmeter(for Sensitive Measurements) MODEL RK1400 SERIES
  • Purge Flowmeter MODEL RK1050 SERIES
  • Purge Flowmeter MODEL RK1000 SERIES
  • Low-Cost Flow Meter for Air and Nitrogen MODEL RK1150 SERIES
  • Compact Reed Switch Flow Meter for Alarm Switches MODEL RK1930,RK1935 SERIES
  • Reed Switch Flowmeters(for Alarm Switches) MODELS RK1970/RK1975/RK1976 SERIES
  • Flowmeters with Photosensor(for Alarm Switches) MODEL RK1812/RK1814 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Flowmeters MODELS RK2000/RK2005/RK2006 SERIES
  • Precision Flow Meter for Laboratory(with Stand for Precision Flow Measurement) MODEL RK1360 SERIES
  • Multiple Flow Meter with Needle Valve MODEL RK120X SERIES
  • Multiple Flow Meter MODEL RK140X SERIES
  • Flow Meter for Gas Mixing MODEL RK120XM SERIES
  • Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK500 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Flow Meter MODEL RK1950AP SERIES
  • Precision Flow Meter for Pressure Regulator MODEL RK4400 SERIES

Flow Control Valve

  • Small Proportional Solenoid Valve MODEL 3000 SERIES
  • Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES
  • Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve MODEL 2412M SERIES
  • Bellows Needle Valve MODEL 2450 SERIES
  • Simplified Paramount Miniature Needle Valve MODEL 2400 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Precision Needle Valve MODEL 2412D SERIES
  • Multiple Rotation Type Large Capacity Simplified Needle Valve MODEL 2400D SERIES
  • Variable Secondary Pressure Flow Controller MODEL 2203 SERIES
  • Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller MODEL 2204 SERIES
  • All-Teflon Constant Flow Valve for Liquids/Chemicals MODEL 2600-T SERIES
  • Constant Flow Valve for Liquid MODEL 2600S/2600PVC SERIES

Pressure Regulating Valve

  • Pressure Regulating Valve MODEL 6600 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Pressure Regulating Valve for Analyzer MODEL 6700 SERIES
  • Pressure Regulator Valve MODEL 6610 SERIES
  • Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6800 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6801 SERIES

Flow meters and controllers for liquid

Nitrogen gas generator

  • Nitrogen Gas Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.5NL/min-8NL/min)
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator MNT SERIES(5.5NL/min-26.0NL/min)
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator NTE SERIES(2.7Nm3/h-17.2Nm3/h)
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator NE SERIES(17Nm3/h-160Nm3/h)
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator NEMH SERIES(63Nm3/h-180Nm3/h)

Oxygen Gas Generator

  • Oxygen Gas Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.2NL/min-2NL/min)
  • Oxygen Gas Generator MOX SERIES(4NL/min-8NL/min)
  • Oxygen Gas Generator OX SERIES(0.7Nm3/h-9.3Nm3/h)
  • Oxygen Gas Generator JOX SERIES(15Nm3/h-)

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