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About Mecon

Mecon As a certified manufacturer, we feel very responsible for the environmental and safety aspects. Our day-to-day work also focuses on the reliable recording of physical variables. MECON operates its development department to achieve this goal. In addition, the entire product range is produced exclusively in Germany – engineering expertise made by MECON.

MECON is a young company, but it can also draw from an immense wealth of experience. In 2002, MECON GmbH established itself as a legitimate successor to the traditional company TURBOWERK MESSTECHNIK. It is consistently advancing and expanding over 75 years of experience with new technologies and innovative product design. On this basis, MECON now creates a new dimension of reliability and precision at the state of the art. The central geographic location in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region helps our company with short distances for the best logistics links.

Outstanding product quality – Made in Germany

MECON stands for our excellent product quality. The individual manufacturing of our products in individual or volume production at our Kerpen location permits a very high level of quality assurance. At MECON, this process already starts with developing customer-specific solutions and ranges from manufacturing to follow-on projects.

The Products of Mecon

Level indication and flow metering technology MECON products – Always a reliable solution. In addition to mechanical and magnetic-inductive flow meters, our comprehensive range includes a selection of mechanical level indicators. In addition to our numerous standard products, we also develop and manufacture tailor-made systems for our customers. MADE IN GERMANY – We manufacture our entire range of products in proven quality exclusively in Germany. The geographically central location of our company near the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region also ensures short distances.

Magnetic-inductive flow meters

MECON GmbH has in-depth expertise in manufacturing magnetic-inductive flow meters (MID). The wealth of experience goes back to the time of TURBOWERK MESSTECHNIK from Cologne. The traditional company produced magnetic-inductive flow meters from 1973 on and has developed the product continuously since then. The mag-flux series shines as a prime example for consistent development work. The special strength of MECON products is the individual design of devices for customers’ specific measurement tasks. The project-specific requirements in terms of the media to be measured are always taken into consideration in varying geometric dimensions.

Mecon - Safety Control
Mecon – Magnetic-inductive flow meters

All MECON magnetic-inductive flow meters can be used for flow speeds up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s) and a minimum conductivity of 20 µS/cm. Minimum conductivities of 3 µS/cm can be achieved with alternating field devices. MECON offers you a wide range of magnetic-inductive flow meters – always perfectly tailored for your measurement tasks and the media to be measured.

Orifice flow meters

Turbo-Lux 3: The only orifice flow meter with three approvals in one device – for global use in stationary fire safety (FM Global, LPCB and VdS) New: Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital – the new development of the mechanical bypass meter

Mecon Orifice flow meters
Orifice Flow Meter

MECON is a specialist for maximum reliability in stationary fire safety. In this industry, the reliability, stability, and safety of the technical components is critical. Under extreme conditions, even minimal inaccuracies in the fire safety sprinkler systems have serious consequences. With the Turbo-Lux®-series, MECON has 40 years of experience in orifice flow meters for use in sprinkler systems. The VdS-approved devices in the Turbo-Lux® series were first marketed in 1977. On the international market, the Turbo-Lux 3 is the only orifice flow meter with FM Global, LPCB, and VdS approvals. In addition to this, MECON offers a range of differential pressure flow meters, which fulfill the requirements for the treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pools (DIN 19 643).

Float-type flow meters

Reliable and durable solutions for metering liquids and gases. MECON has been developing advanced solutions for industrial flow metering technology for decades. Our float-type flow meters are among the key technological modules and impress with their great reliability and long service lives. As a result, they can be used flexibly for measuring liquids and gases in a range of industries.

Mecon Float-type flow meters
Float-type flow meters

MECON provides precise measuring cones made of glass, plastic and metal for float-type flow metres. For certain devices, MECON can also supply the corresponding limit contacts and electric potentiometers.

Level indication technology

MECON has been specializing in the development of advanced level indication measuring equipment and level indications for decades. The solutions for industrial-level measurement technology are particularly impressive for continuous measurement and monitoring of the level in containers of any shape with high precision – whether open or closed. The measurement result is never affected by the operating pressure. Various materials are also available in different applications, for contact with the medium.

Mecon Level indication technology
Level indication technology

Baffle plate flow meters

MECON can rely on decades of experience in the production of mechanical flow meters in robust full-metal versions. Our baffle plate flow meters are suitable for high temperatures of up to +250 °C – irrespective of the direction of flow. The products also impress with easy installation, numerous connection options and electrical outputs.

Mecon Baffle plate flow meters
Baffle plate flow meters


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