NWL Capacitors, transformers, inductors, and power supplies

NWL Power Conversion was founded in the 1930’s by John Nothelfer as a transformer repair shop – Nothelfer Winding Laboratories, hence the name NWL. In 1968, Mr. Nothelfer retired and sold the company to a group of 13 employees led by then Vice President, Jim Seitz. The company is owned today by Jim Seitz’s sons, David and Bert.

General Information

David has been with company since 1975 and assumed role of President at the main facility in Bordentown NJ in 1991. He has an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania and did graduate level business studies at UCLA. Bert joined NWL in 1980 and led the Capacitor Group from 1992 until the Division was sold in 2020. He has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech.

The real strength of NWL has been, and continues to be, the outstanding product and application knowledge of its people. NWL has many longstanding customers who rely on NWL to provide the best possible solutions to their power conversion needs. In 2014, NWL generated $80 million in sales and employed over 375 staff members. Today NWL operates three manufacturing plants located in New Jersey, Florida, and South Korea.

NWL is now one of the largest independent suppliers of transformers and power supplies for demanding industrial, military, and research customers.

For more than 70 years, NWL has maintained a vertically integrated manufacturing philosophy, especially unusual in today’s “built-elsewhere, assembled-here” environment. As one of the largest independent suppliers of high-voltage power components and systems, we design, build, and support all our products from start to finish.

NWL’s Significant manufacturing capabilities include

  • Power Supplies – 150,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities dedicated to producing a broad range of linear and switch-mode high-power conversion products. The facility includes dedicated production cells for each product line and a 28 foot high bay area with a 45 ton overhead crane.
  • Transformers & Inductors – manufacturing for high and low volume production complements our power supply products. NWL’s line of specialty magnetics includes a wide range of specialty transformers, reactors and chokes. The facilities can support vacuum and pressure impregnation capabilities as well as epoxy dielectrics and oil filled units.
  • Sheet Metal – a separate 25,000 square feet facility dedicated to sheet metal fabrication and finishing ensures complete control of the design, delivery, and quality of fabricated metal components. This is very important for high voltage oil filled equipment, since the tank production must be carefully controlled to maintain quality and delivery.

NWL Power Conversion Products

NWL is a leading manufacturer of products for use with electrostatic precipitators, along with manufacturing capacitors, transformers, inductors, and power supplies for many industries and applications, including military, industrial, medical and induction heating markets

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) Products

NWL is a leading manufacturer of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) products, including power supplies/ancillaries and controls for ESPs.

  • PowerPlus™ Power Supplies for Electrostatic Precipitators NWL is the leading manufacturer of high voltage/high frequency switch mode technology power supplies for use in powering electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). PowerPlus™ units integrate the controller, the current limiting element and the T/R set functions into one compact high voltage power supply for use on the ESP.
  • Transformer/Rectifier Sets for Electrostatic PrecipitatorsNWL is a leading provider of high voltage linear T/R Sets for powering electrostatic precipitators (ESP’s) with over 50 years of experience. NWL transformer/rectifier sets are affordable, robust, low life-cycle-cost solutions for powering ESP’s.  NWL is the only company who can offer ALL the following options for T/R sets:
  • Current Limiting Reactors for Electrostatic Precipitators

    NWL is the leading manufacturer in North America of current limiting reactors (CLRs). The current limiting reactor is an inductor that is in the AC circuit of an electrostatic precipitator. They are sized to perform two functions, limit spark current to protect the other components in the circuit and to shape the AC sine wave. A CLR can be supplied as an open frame to fit back into a specific space, or with a NEMA rated enclosure, or as part of transformer rectifier set. NWL can also build current limiting reactors using either aluminum or copper windings. If the customer supplies the transformer ratings and either the inductance or percentage of impedance, NWL can design and manufacture the reactor with fixed or tapped values.

  • PowerCube™ Replacement for Standard Puck Style SCR AssembliesThe NWL PowerCube™ is a direct replacement for obsolete silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) circuits. The PowerCube employs a solid state thyristor for improved performance and greater reliability. This new design offers enhanced safety as the heat sinks are not energized and a more compact footprint, which allows it to be retrofit in place of most SCR puck and heat sink locations.
  • Switch Arrangements for PowerPlus™ Electrostatic Precipitator Power SuppliesThis chart describes the switch arrangements used with standard PowerPlus™ power supplies for electrostatic precipitators (ESPs).
  • Graphic Rapper Controllers for ESPs

    NWL’s years of experience designing electrostatic precipitator control systems culminated in the Graphic Rapper Control (GRC), the most versatile rapper controller in the industry.  The rapper control is utilized on an electrostatic precipitator to control the sequencing and the intensity of precipitator cleaning devices, (rappers). The GRCs microprocessor can automatically switch to one of 5 pre-set programs, based on boiler operating conditions or time of day.  The system also has numerous features which enhance particulate removal efficiency, prevent particle re-entrainment, and provide valuable diagnostic and troubleshooting information.  NWL’s GRC system also has the capability to operate most known rappers, vibrators, and tumbling hammer motor drives.

  • Graphic Voltage Controllers & T/R Controls for ESPs

    Graphic Voltage Controllers and Transformer/Rectifier (T/R) Controls for Electrostatic Precipitator Controls NWL’s Graphic Voltage Controller (GVC) has industry-leading speed and strong visual user interface screen for use with electrostatic precipitators

  • Precipitator Control and Management System (PCAMS)

    PCAMS NWL’s Precipitator Control and Management System (PCAMS) changed the way industry managed its precipitator operations. Now PCAMS – designed for use with Microsoft Windows™ operating systems

Military & Industrial

  • Military Transformers & Inductors

    Military Transformers & Inductors NWL has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Mil-Spec transformers and inductors. Power capabilities range from watts to megawatts for airborne

  • Industrial Transformers & Inductors

    Industrial Transformers & Inductors NWL has designed and manufactured transformers and inductors for specialized industrial applications for over 70 years. Capabilities include: Air, fluid, and epoxy insulation systems Water cooled

Power Supplies

  • PowerPlus™ Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies

    PowerPlus™ Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies NWL first developed the PowerPlus™ switch mode power supply (SMPS) to provide an integrated high voltage system for electrostatic precipitator applications. With more than 3,500 units delivered worldwide,

  • Mid Frequency Switch Mode Supplies – ML™ Series

    Mid Frequency Switch Mode Supplies – ML™ Series NWL’s ML™ Series switch mode power supplies (SMPS) offer size, weight, and performance advantages over linear units. They switch at 7 kHZ. The

  • Linear 50/60 Hz Power Supplies

    Linear 50/60 Hz Power Supplies Linear power supplies are a well-proven, affordable, and robust solution for high power applications. NWL offers 50/60 Hz power supplies, including: Regulated SCR power supplies Unregulated

  • Power Supplies for Dehydrators/ Desalters

    Power Supplies for Dehydrators / Desalters NWL is a leading manufacturer of power supplies for industrial dehydrators and desalters used to remove water and salt from crude oil. NWL has been developing

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