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Polnacorp Industrial based in the town of Třinec – an important town in the Moravian-Silesian region with a long tradition in the metallurgical industry surrounded by the beautiful Beskydy Mountains.

General Information

Since the beginning of its existence, the company has been engaged in the design, calculation, production and supply of industrial valves. In 2004, in order to improve the comprehensibility of the design of control valves for our customers, we created our own computer program DiVENT. In 2008, the production program was expanded to include equipment for adjusting steam parameters as part of the company’s development. Since 2013, we have also been dealing with the production and supply of control valves that meet even the strictest requirements of nuclear power plants.

One of our strong points is our own research, development and implementation of new technical solutions. For example, in 2017 (based on the individual requirements of our key customers) in cooperation with VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, we developed a new desuperheater design with increased steam cooling efficiency. Two years later, we developed a new type of desuperheater using atomizing steam. We are constantly developing new design solutions for control valves that adapt to increasingly demanding conditions, especially in the energy industry.

With our expanding product portfolio and development activities, we decided to build new company bramch, which also include a development and testing center. In the first half of 2020, the company moved to new premises in Třinec. Polnacorp Industrial products are currently exported almost all over the world – under the POLNA brand.

Quality Management Systems

POLNA corp. s.r.o. management promotes the systematic development of the company, including their processes, clear customer orientation, and the quality of delivered products and services, with an emphasis on an environmentally friendly approach and occupational safety and health.

These principles are applied through a quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2016, an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001: 2016 and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001: 2008.

Polnacorp Industrial apply a comprehensive quality assurance system for our products in accordance with Directive 2014/68/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. The company’s certification is regularly provided by world-renowned certification company TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.

A number of successfully completed customer audits are also proof of the quality and reliability of our products and correctly set up business processes. Polnacorp Industrial able to meet special customer requirements beyond the standards required by applicable standards and regulations.

Polnacorp Industrial Services

Comprehensive technical support:

  • design and calculation of control valves, recommendations of suitable structures and their guarantee
  • dimensions of assemblies with the possibility of export to various formats, e.g. -.step
  • implementation of new technical solutions

Design of complete steam cooling systems from draft to implementation:

  • recommendation of suitable devices for specified parameters
  • guarantee for proposed solutions
  • algorithm design for control systems
  • project documentation

Recommendations and control design for actuators, including connections:

  • electric
  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic

Warranty and post-warranty service of industrial valves and actuators, overhauls:

  • regionally
  • worldwide

Polnacorp Industrial Products

Polnacorp Industrial Products
Polnacorp Industrial Products

Control and Shut-off Valves

As you might guess from the name, a control valve is used to control the flow of fluid in a system. They can maintain different variables at specific set-points, including density, concentration, flow rate, pressure, temperature, and liquid levels. A control valve includes a valve body, actuator, and positioner, as well as body assembly and trim parts.

and  More Products :

  • Adjustment of Steam Parameters
  • Control Element

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