Ryutai Kogyo Instrument

Ryutai Kogyo is a subsidiary of Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd,  a leading manufacturer of deodorized and purified LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Ryutai Kogyo Overview

Taiyo Holdings has been operating in Saitama factory since 1962, and by various gas supply necessary for aerosol and foaming industries, they obtained the trust rom business partners. And the high-quality hydrocarbon refrigerants can be delivered to across the country quickly.

Taiyo Holdings main business is importing, manufacturing, and selling the unique and high quality products, such as:

  1. “ZERUST” is a vapor phase inhibitor that is well known by various industries.
  2. “WHITMORE’S” is high performance lubricants which has more than 100 years history.
  3. “KATS” is water based biodegradable coatings.
  4. Industrial instruments with full use of the latest technology.

On the other hand, Ryutai Kogyo Co., Ltd. is its subsidiary that is focusing on buying and selling of measuring equipment such as moisture meter, flow meter and temperature & humidity meter. They headquarter office is located in Tokyo, while they also have branch offices in Saitama and Osaka, Japan.

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Ryutai Kogyo Philosophy

  • Making full use of technology to continue to progress, we continue to provide development as environment friendly products.
  • Based on these principles of simple and most important, we hope to continue to be a leading company that is also required from the customers.

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Ryutai Kogyo products

Ryutai Kogyo Products
Ryutai Kogyo Products
  • Inline moisture meter
  • Microwave formula powder flow meter
  • Powder flow meter (for mass transit)
  • Ultrasonic meter series
  • Microwave densitometer
  • Microwave concentration meter

Reference : ryutai.taiyo-holdings.com

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