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SFC KOENIG solutions meet the highest safety and environmental requirements, achieving increased system reliability and efficiency while preventing damage to components. We design and manufacture our sealing and flow control solutions to reduce waste in the supply chain and lower life-cycle costs, producing parts with lower total production costs.

Leading the field of high-quality sealing and flow control technology, SFC KOENIG® develops and manufactures a wide range of products and highly reliable solutions, both standard and customized, for an unrivaled means of delivering precise sealing and flow control in drilled channels of fluid systems.

Our Uniqueness

As a global sealing and flow control manufacturer, we provide decades of experience delivering “Swiss Reliability.” SFC KOENIG offers engineering solutions to leading OEMs and Tier suppliers in the sectors of mobility – automotive, and commercial vehicles; fluid power – mobile, stationary; and precision – medical, maritime, offshore, aviation, and aerospace. The small but extremely resilient components designed and manufactured by SFC KOENIG play key roles in the high-performance solutions that are found wherever the complete safety and security of fluid control is critical.

Our Mission

We are constantly striving to maintain our position as the leading global manufacturer of sealing and flow control technology, delivering high-performance products at the best price. By constantly addressing our customers’ reliability and security needs, SFC KOENIG will remain the leading innovator in our market, consistently introducing new technologies for use around the globe. We will achieve this by continuously expanding, further extending our recent growth in Asia and the Americas, and addressing core segment-specific needs. By supporting our strong engineering, innovative sealing and flow control manufacturing capabilities and the excellence of our staff at all levels, SFC KOENIG will continue to lead the global market with best-in-class solutions.

Key Figures

SFC KOENIG at a glance:

  • 160 employees throughout the group
  • Three production facilities: Dietikon (Switzerland) and North Haven (USA) and Suzhou (China)
  • Four main logistic centers: Dietikon (Switzerland), Illerrieden (Germany), North Haven (USA) and Suzhou (China)
  • Currently in 20 countries with a main market focus on Germany, Switzerland, NAFTA, Mercosur, China and Asia
  • More than 5,000 active customers are served by the group
  • 2,000 product items
  • Manufacturer of leading sealing and flow control technology, with more than 5 billion KOENIG EXPANDER® sealing plugs in use.

Quality Assurance

Our promise of continual improvement:

  • QA testing ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015
  • QA certification ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ IATF 16949
  • More than 5 billion KOENIG EXPANDER® sealing plugs in markets with less than 1 PPM field failure rates
  • Complete manufacturing lot traceability, including acceptance test protocols for each production batch
  • Comprehensive validation testing, such as corrosion and salt-spray testing, test loading, tensile strength, hardness and molecular testing
  • Providing quality logistical solutions tailored to customer-specific requirements
  • Efficient and sustainable product training services available for customers

Other Standards

As the world’s leading sealing and flow control manufacturer, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations:

  • Offering a variety of solutions to customer-specific bar-coded packaging requirements: from small quantity and bulk packaging to pallets and reusable KLT container delivery
  • EDI capability
  • VDA standards-compliant electronic data transfer
  • With over 86 years of engineering experience, solution-oriented expertise, plus unique development and consulting skills, SFC KOENIG stands for best-in-class reliability
  • SFC KOENIG solutions are used in several industries, wherever safe, reliable sealing and flow control is needed. KOENIG EXPANDER®, KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® solutions are found anywhere seals or flow control technologies are required to meet the most stringent levels of quality, safety and security. Our broad portfolio of these small but extremely resilient components, including flow control orifices, flow control check valves, and expander plugs, are used across a wide spectrum of solutions.
  • With over 40 years of experience, more than 5 billion pieces installed and field failure rates less than 1 PPM, SFC KOENIG® is the leader in sealing and flow control technology.
  • › TRANSPORTATION which represents the automotive and commercial vehicle industries

› FLUID POWER which includes the mobile and stationary hydraulic industries

› PRECISION which is made up of the medical, aviation and aerospace, offshore and maritime industries

  • SFC KOENIG does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also provides close and active customer support in the search for ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements must be fulfilled. Our portfolio is complemented by a range of innovative setting tools and installation equipment and, if needed can be integrated into automated, serial production workflows.
  • SFC KOENIG has stood for best-in-class reliability and sustainability for over 86 years of engineering excellence.


Complete Design-In Process for our Customers’ Needs

We at SFC KOENIG® pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of our customers’ processes and operations, and thrive on helping them improve productivity, quality and profitability with unique customized development and consulting competences. The team at SFC KOENIG follows a full design-in process approach, using our engineering expertise in a broad variety of industry-specific applications, and providing top-class after-sales support. We continually maintain these high standards with ongoing employee training, aiming to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our clients within the sectors of mobility (automotive, commercial vehicles), fluid power (mobile and stationary) and precision (medical, aviation & aerospace, maritime and offshore) appreciate individually tailored solutions resulting from our design-in process. From the initial design consultation, through the development and evaluation stages to the final integration into automated processes and serial production, SFC KOENIG commits solution-oriented engineering know-how to support our clients in achieving their quality, process and cost targets.

With a continuing focus on our world-class sealing and flow control technology, SFC KOENIG stands for the highest levels of customer excellence, sustainability and reliability.

Below 1 PPM Testing

One of the most important elements of our reliability is consistency. Our sealing and flow control products and quality control processes are engineered to consistently deliver failure rates less than 1 PPM. This commitment perfectly expresses how we support our industry partners to optimize their manufacturing operations, so our expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve products consistently perform at the required quality levels. The result: higher-value products and improved profitability.



As the world leader in sealing and flow control, we have used our decades of experience to develop a broad range of expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve products. We offer both standard and custom-designed solutions based around our KOENIG EXPANDER®, KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® product lines.

All of our expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve solutions are designed to meet exact and unique quality standards. By offering extensive application know-how in various market segments and intensive customer support, SFC KOENIG has become the world’s premier resource for sealing and flow control technology.

As a leading sealing and flow control manufacturer, SFC KOENIG® is built on core quality objectives that have not changed since the original company was founded in 1927: designing, manufacturing, integrating and supporting high-quality expander seals – offering both pull type and push-type ball expansion plugs – as well as flow control products. The SFC KOENIG product line of metal-to-metal seal solutions provides industry-leading reliability in an easy-to-install, one-piece package. With over 5 billion parts installed and failure rates less than 1 PPM, customers around the world rely on us for precision sealing applications.

Learn more about our push-style KOENIG EXPANDER® and pull-style KOENIG EXPANDER® designs or click on the seal expander model below for quick access to sealing solution specifications. Use our Product Selector to quickly identify the best standard expander seal model for your application, with options to sort by pull type plugs and ball expansion plugs, pressures, sizes and more.


The KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® combine our industry-leading flow control and sealing expertise, with products that provide precise fluid control with low total costs. Using a unique, one-piece design, our flow restrictor and check valve models are available in a wide variety of sizes and pressure ratings, providing a precise orifice flow control solution. Learn more about our orifice flow restrictor and check valve models, including performance and installation information, on our About Flow Product description page.

SFC KOENIG® flow restrictor and check valve products provide reliable, proven performance and easy installation for a wide range of applications. Our engineers can develop a custom design for your specific flow control needs, or use our Product Selector to identify the correct KOENIG RESTRICTOR for your specifications.



Well-suited for deep-hole locations, the KOENIG RESTRICTOR is a proven, cost-effective restrictor that can be configured for your requirements. This one-piece flow restrictor features a durable, stainless-steel construction and is available in a variety of sizes and pressures.



KOENIG CHECK VALVE products provide precise flow control and incorporate our unrivaled metal-to-metal sealing technology that effectively prevents side leakage. Our check valves utilize a one-piece, ball-style, self-contained design for easy installation and dependable performance. Available in both forward-flow and reverse-flow models, KOENIG CHECK VALVE products are available in a range of standard size diameters and flow rates.

Source: www.sfckoenig.com

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