Sokken Flow Measurement

Sokken Flow Measurement or goes by full name Tsukasa Sokken Co., Ltd. is a company headquartered in Setagaya city, Tokyo, Japan. Founded on 1964, they also established a branch located in Utsunomiya, Togichi, Japan on 2005.

General Description

Sokken beginning to produce and sell in-cylinder Gas Sampling System for IC engines, then as the time goes by, they widening their range product into Smoke Meter, Air Fuel Ratio Meter, Diesel Opacimeter, and the others

Sokken have particular strength in measuring flow/pressure measurement technology, thus Sokken has been very much contributed to R&D’s for automotive technology by providing the test and measuring instruments.

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The laminar air flow meters and sonic nozzles are the core products for Sokken’s flow measurement technology and both products are highly reliable and are introduced in textbooks those of fluid dynamics. These products are the typical flow meters basically based on the fundamental physical laws. Meanwhile, the pressure gauges are not only one of the commercial products but also devices incorporating into Sokken’s custom-made products and are the indispensable products to develop our new instruments.

Sokken Flow Measurement Product

Sokken has a variety range of product, such as:

  • Air Flow meters: air flow meters provided by Sokken are based on laminar flow meter and sonic nozzle, and can be used in many fields
  • Pressure Gauges: Pressure Gauges provided by Sokken have a wide products range with several type of pressure gauges.
  • Particle Measurement Systems: Particle Sizer and Counter provided by Sokken measure particle size distribution and number counting in real-time for nano particles
  • Gas Analyzers: Fast Gas Analyzers provided by Sokken bring you hints for engine modifications to reduce exhaust emissions and fuel economy
  • Smoke Meters: Several kind of Smoke meters provided by Sokken support vehicle inspection and engine research laboratory.
  • Custom-made Instruments

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