United Electric Control Sensor Technology

United Electric Control Sensor Technology Founded in 1931 United Electric Controls (UEC), and its divisions, Applied Sensor Technologies and Precision Sensors, is a privately held corporation headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.

General Information

UEC is a manufacturer of durable and reliable WirelessHART gas detectors; pressure, temperature, vacuum, electromechanical and electronic smart switches; safety transmitters; controls; and sensors. Focused on providing protection to equipment, processes, and personnel in a variety of industrial applications, our products range from simple units to highly specialized custom designs.

Many UEC products perform industrial alarm and emergency shutdown functions for our global customers, while others provide critical sensor inputs into their control systems. Our reputation for dependable, reliable products is a result of innovative design, superior manufacturing processes, and a corporate focus on uncompromising quality.

Innovative Design

  • Market driven solutions that satisfy customer requirements
  • A history of innovation from the first microswitch design to the first HART
  • Smart switch to the first WirelessHART gas detector with 5-year battery life
  • Fit-for-purpose design by application

Environmental Stewardship

  • Energy management
  • Recycling
  • Non-toxic manufacturing

Rapid Delivery

  • Lean manufacturing for maximum productivity
  • Operational excellence (OpX) for reduced waste
  • One-piece flow for optimum manufacturing efficiency

Global Presence

  • Worldwide factory support
  • More than 140 distributors in over 75 countries
  • Third-party approvals and certifications

Our Vision

The leaders in Safety, Alarm, and Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Our Mission

Recognizing that our markets continually evolve, we listen to our customers and provide them with innovative products and services that protect their lives, businesses, and the environment.

We maintain a culture of continuous improvement. Have a sense of urgency for meeting all customer requirements. And develop employees, bringing benefits to individuals, the company, and society.

Our Core Values

Our success is built upon our core values that begin with dedication, honesty, teamwork, and mutual respect at all levels throughout the organization.

United Electric Control Products

United Electric Controls (UE) provides temperature switches, pressure switches, electronic pressure switches, differential pressure and temperature transmitters, wireless gas detectors, temperature sensors, and controls for critical safety, alarm and emergency shutdown (ESD) functions demanded by the process industries and mission-critical applications.

With over 80 years of knowledge designed into our application-specific products, customers are assured of out-of-the box performance and reliability.

UE’s smart electronic temperature switches and pressure switches combine a switch, gauge, and transmitter in a rugged instrument with no moving parts. They go beyond the mechanical switch to eliminate operating risk and increase system reliability.

UE’s Vanguard gas leak detector is the only WirelessHART gas detector that offers 5-year battery life. Plug-and-play installation, one-button calibration, and self-configuration make it the easiest safety solution to operate and maintain.

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Major Products

  • WirelessHART gas detectors
  • Pressure switches
  • Temperature switches
  • Vacuum switches
  • Temperature sensors
  • SIL-rated switches and transmitters
  • Field safety systems
  • Smart electronic switches

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