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Stellar Technology is a sensor company focusing on the design, manufacture, and service of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, force sensors, load cells, torque transducers, and temperature transducers.

About Stellar Technology

Located in a suburban technology park in Amherst, New York, our engineering and manufacturing facility is a contemporary 50,000 square foot environmentally-controlled building.

Our sales and marketing center in Columbus, Ohio, manages sales activity with our local sales offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, Houston, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, Amherst, New York, and our domestic and international sales representatives’ offices.

Stellar Technology started in 1991 with a focus on the aerospace market, and have since expanded our business into several market sectors including transportation, oil and gas, general test and measurement, defense, subsea, alternative energy, pharmaceutical, process, and many others.

We have built the company around the philosophy of overseeing the whole design and manufacturing process.

No matter sensor engineering, electronics development, component machining, or final assembly and testing, our engineers utilize the latest tools for documentation, analysis, and design. Our machining capabilities include 8 axis turning and 5 axis milling.

Our electronics development capabilities include design and analysis of circuits, development and layout of PCBs, and development of firmware/software. In manufacturing, we are qualification in TIG and laser welding, certification in the highest level of space grade soldering, and certifications in configuration control practices, traceability control, and cleanliness practices.

Our total quality system is awarded the ISO9001 certification with supplementary quality requirements added for specific customers’ needs.

Our service department is designed to repair and calibrate both STI products and similar products from other businesses. We believe we are the only sensor manufacturer in the US with a dedicated field service technician tasked with same day on-site customer support.

STI’s high-mix/lower volume business model is crafted to offer a broad offering of standard products with uniquely engineered custom solutions. We are currently one of the only few sensor manufacturers that will create custom sensor configurations that fits customer needs.

The Products of Stellar Technology

Stellar Technology manufactures and designs a comprehensive offering of pressure transmitters/ transducers, displacement sensors, temperature transmitters, torque transducers, force sensors, and load cells used in test and measurement applications.

Pressure Sensors Products & Transducers

Aerospace Pressure Transducers

At Stellar Technology, we provide a variety of in-line signal conditioners and DIN-rail mount signal conditioners to complement our millivolt per volt output pressure transducers.

These products provide you with valuable complementary solutions for applications needing high-level analog outputs. They are also ideal for situations where the pressure transducer is exposed to conditions damaging to internal signal conditioning or the essential pressure transducer configuration won’t accommodate an internal amplifier.

 Load Cells for Load, Force, and Torque Products

We also specialize in custom-designed force sensors and load cells for your unique applications. Our engineers communicate directly with your team to ensure that every load cell specification or force sensor design meets your exact application needs.

Customers know that they can rely on Stellar Technology’s engineering experience and our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to get the exact load cell or force sensor they need. We also provide expert technical support (including on-site technical assistance) and responsive service after-sale to keep your project on schedule.

At Stellar Technology, we are proud to give you one of the best selections of stocked and standard load cells in the industry. Our load cell types can range from a few grams to two million pounds compression operation or tension, and the accuracies are up to 0.03%. When it comes to load cell manufacturers, Stellar Technology proves to be an industry leader with a solution for each and every application.

Our proprietary electronics give you high-level mV/V, along with digital and analog outputs including RS485, RS232, and CANbus. The fully welded, and stainless-steel construction means the load cells can withstand the rigors of all applications. If you are looking for the highest-quality load cells and force sensors, Stellar Technology has got you covered.

Temperature Sensor Models Products

Precision temperature sensors from Stellar Technology are in demand worldwide for a variety of industrial test, measurement and process control applications.

Stellar Technology’s complete offering of fully welded, stainless steel temperature sensors are rugged enough for any conditions and are available in temperature ranges from -320° to +750° F. Outputs include analog or digital, including RS232, RS485 and CANbus.

Below, you’ll find some of the most important aspects to take into account when deciding on the right temperature sensors for your equipment and finding the ideal temperature sensor manufacturers.

Performance Considerations for Our Temperature Sensors

To receive optimal performance from your temperature sensors, be sure to:

  • Identify the range of temperatures you will be measuring with the unit
  • Determine the operating media (fluid) that will be measured
  • Determine the temperature accuracy:
    • +/- degrees
    • +/- % of reading
  • Identify the frequency response that is required:
  • Seconds in fluids to give true reading
    • Function of probe parameters
  • Determine the temperature units you will utilize:
    • Fahrenheit
    • Celsius
    • Rankine
    • Reaumure
    • Kelvin
  • Determine your over-temperature conditions:
    • Will you ever exceed the maximum temperature range?
    • To what degree?

Displacement Sensor Models (LVDT) Products

Linear Variable Displacement Transformer (LVDT) sensors from Stellar Technology are used worldwide in the monitoring and gauging of pavement studies, mining equipment, oil & well drilling equipment, resistance weld stroke, valve position, and assembly processes. Take a look at all of our LVDT options below to find the displacement sensor that meets your application needs.

As a leading LVDT manufacturer, Stellar Technology also provides a selection of DIN-rail mount signal conditioners to complement our AC/AC LVDTs.

These products give you valuable complementary solutions for those applications needing high-level analog outputs in circumstances where the LVDT may be exposed to conditions detrimental to internal signal conditioning or the required LVDT configuration will not accommodate internal amplifiers.

The Benefits of Using LVDT Transducers or Sensors

When measuring displacement, it’s important to have accurate readings with your selected displacement sensor. With some LVDT sensors, you can measure movements as small as a few millionths of an inch, but these transducers offer many more benefits beyond accuracy, such as:

  • Long-Lasting Capabilities  – Because of the unique design, there is no physical contact across the sensing element, meaning there is no wear on the linear displacement sensor.
  • Friction-Free Operations – This design also allows for operations free of rubbing, dragging or other sources of friction, making them ideal for materials testing or high-resolution dimensional gauging systems.
  • Unmatched Durability – Between the design and the high-quality materials we use to make each of our LVDT transducers, our sensors are designed to withstand the elements.
  • Quick Response to Changes – As changes occur in the core position, LVDT transducers are able to quickly respond and adjust accordingly.

Performance Considerations for a Linear Displacement Sensor

The first step to finding the right LVDT sensor is to determine what exactly you need it to do. What do you need it to measure? What performance capabilities must it have?

Before looking for an LVDT transducer, you should first:

  • Determine the measuring range/scope that needs to be measured (the displacement from the null point)
  • Determine the relationship between the LVDT and the part being measured
    • Probe locates on part, but not attached
    • Probe is attached, but cannot be removed from LVDT body
    • Probe is attached and can be separated from LVDT body
  • Select armature type needed
    • Spring return (for applications measuring multiple targets)
    • Captive guided (for applications requiring longer measurement ranges – ±0.5” to ±18.5”)
    • Free unguided (for applications in which part moves parallel to LVDT body and requires frequent measurements)
  • Identify engineering units required (inches, centimeters, millimeters, customer-specified)
  • Accuracy of the sensor
    • Linearity
    • Thermal effect (how temperature affects the output)
    • Total accuracy (static + thermal)

Instrumentation and Signal Conditioners Products

Stellar Technology offers a full line of readout meters, in-line amplifiers and signal conditioners to complement our broad variety of pressure, load/force/torque, displacement, and temperature sensors.

Stellar Technology provides a selection of DIN-rail mount signal conditioners and in-line signal conditioners to complement our millivolt-per-volt output load cells, force sensors, reaction torque transducers and AC/AC LVDTs.

These products provide valuable complementary solutions for those applications requiring high level analog outputs and where the sensor(s) are exposed to conditions detrimental to internal signal conditioning or the required sensor configuration will not accommodate an internal amplifier.

Together with Stellar Technology sensors and connector and cable assembly, Precision Digital readout instrumentation, these signal conditioners provide our customers with a complete measurement system solution.

At Stellar Technology, out options for signal conditioning are wide ranging. Some of the units we provide include the following:

  • Strain Gage Handheld with Battery Powered Display – This unit is available in two separate ranges which gives the operator the ability to display and consult two different units of measurement. The annunciator lets the operator know which range has been chosen, and measurements for gross, net, peak, and valley are all simple to choose.
  • Precise Digital Readout Instrumentation – For this option of signal conditioners, we can supply three variations to our customers. One is a strain gage, load cell and mV meter; another option is our dual-line 6-digit display meter; and lastly, we have a low-cost, 4-digit display meter. You can easily view all the product specs at the link above, and be sure to contact our team if you have any questions.
  • DIN-Rail Signal Conditioners – We can supply numerous options when it comes to this form of signal conditioner. These DIN-rail mounted signal conditioners can be fixed at a point that is away from the environment that is being sensed, adding to operator convenience. These units have been designed to operate as LVDT signal conditioners, force sensor signal conditioners, and more, all in conjunction with Stellar Technology’s products.
  • In-Line Signal Conditioners – In circumstances when a transducer is exposed to high temperature, corrosiveness, or high humidity, in-line signal conditioners are the model of choice. We have several options available to our customers, and you can view full specs for each model on the link above.

Custom Sensors Products

When you contact Stellar Technology for a custom pressure transmitter or transducer, our team will work directly with your engineers in order to create a custom product specifically designed to meet your unique application requirements.

  • Our custom solutions include:
    • Customizing or modifying an existing standard transducer, force sensor, load cell, LVDT, or temperature transmitter
    • A new product made from standard subassemblies and parts
    • An purpose-built or application-specific product requiring special features
    • A one-of-a-kind and one-time design
    • A first-time design that requires close interaction between the customer’s engineers and Stellar Technology’s design engineers
    • A customer proprietary sensor solution that needs NDA’s between Stellar Technology and the customer

At Stellar Technology, we take pride in providing customers with a variety of custom products, that includes custom load cells, pressure transmitters, transducers, and much more. Our business model is based on a low-volume/ high-mix strategy and the resources are made to support this.

The above definitions comprise “custom engineered special products.” Each of them needs differing degrees of manufacturing capability and engineering design expertise, which we deliver to our customers.

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