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Overpipe Overview

OVERPIPE plates are fully compliant with French regulations regarding mechanical protection (GESIP guides 2008/02). They provide a risk reduction factor (0.01) equivalent to that of concrete slabs (GESIP guide 2008/01). OVERPIPE plates for underground pipeline protection and high voltage electrical networks are quick and easy to install. The plates act as an impenetrable barrier and protect buried networks from the impact of the excavator bucket. OVERPIPE is a subsidiary of the Joubeaux family group, founded in 1988. One of the group’s main activities involves civil engineering works around pipelines.

OVERPIPE offers high-quality HDPE plate that provide safety of underground networks like High-Pressure pipeline, Medium-Pressure pipeline, High-Voltage electricity grids, etc. This is a major breakthrough to protect pipelines from third-party interference damage as it acts as a physical barrier. In addition, plates lend mechanical protection and underground network safety. Works by third parties represent the greatest danger for underground pipelines, causing approximately 40% of accidents.

OVERPIPE came about following a request by GDF Suez, which was looking for innovative solutions for mechanical protection against risks from third party interference (more than 40% of the total accidents on underground pipelines). The development of demand and the widening of the range led to the creation in 2014 of a dedicated structure. The head office is located close to Aix en Provence (France).

OVERPIPE products are generally created following a request from a customer, whether it be the protection of underground pipelines and networks, or slabs for transformer substations. OVERPIPE handles the design, testing, certification and patents.

OVERPIPE also owns the moulds and dedicated tools for production. Production is carried out through exclusive long-term agreements with the most technologically advanced factories, in order to ensure the specifications are met. Of course, OVERPIPE is responsible for quality control, logistics and the administrative chain. OVERPIPE is led by Yannick Joubeaux. He coordinates all activities of the company: design, production, sales, administration, and to do so he has the support of highly qualified specialist teams. OVERPIPE naturally benefits from all the resources of the Joubeaux group.

OVERPIPE is dedicated exclusively to the issue of safety in the industrial environment. Its role is to provide innovative solutions in the form of finished products meeting the needs and the specifications of its customers. There are 6 stages involved in the OVERPIPE procedure:

  • Identifying The Problem And Producing Specifications.
  • Selecting The Appropriate Technology Through In-depth Sourcing.
  • Carrying Out The Necessary Studies Leading To Technical And Economic Validation.
  • Carrying Out The Necessary Tests To Obtain Validation Of The Solution By The User.
  • Industrialisation And Marketing Of The Product.
  • Ensuring The Compliance Of Our Products Through An Effective Quality System.

Overpipe Product

OVERPIPE currently offers 3 ranges of products for the protection of networks


Resisting the onslaught of a 32-ton mechanical excavator, our plates received the Prevention and Safety award from the EXPOGAZ trade fair. They offer an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete slabs when mechanical protection is required. OVERPIPE products are recognized and used by the main owners of buried pipelines.

Protection plates represent mechanical protection and a major innovation for the safety of buried networks (High Pressure pipeline, Medium Pressure pipeline, High Voltage electrical networks, etc.)

With approximately 40% of accidents, third-party works represent the greatest danger for buried pipelines.

OVERPIPE mechanical protection plates fully comply with French regulations regarding mechanical protection (GESIP 2008/02 guides). They offer a risk reduction coefficient (0.01) equivalent to that of concrete slabs (guide GESIP 2008/01).


  • Enhanced safety thanks to the non-slip coating and bevelled edges. They are coated on both sides with non-slip studs to facilitate handling and prevent accidents on the same level.
  • The mechanical protection plates form an impassable barrier in the event of aggression from the bucket of an excavator
  • The mechanical protection plates can be removed to allow examination or repair of the pipeline.
  • The mechanical protection plates are full mass color (anti-UV treated), in order to constitute an unmistakable warning signal (color according to the nature of the network). They feature an embossed warning message. Included in the mould, its life is that of the plate. It is fully customizable.
  • The dimensions of the plates are available in 5 formats to adapt to the diameters of the pipes and the route of the network.
  • They have holes over their entire surface to allow the flow of water and not to disturb the cathodic protection measurement.
  • The installation of the OVERPIPE plates is particularly easy and fast: it does not require any heavy equipment or qualified personnel. A team of two people can install several hundred meters per day.

The mechanical protection plates are intended to protect large diameter buried pipes (HP gas, hydrocarbons, etc.). Made of injected HDPE, they resist the attack of a 32-ton mechanical shovel without losing their integrity.

French regulations grant OVERPIPE plates a risk reduction coefficient of 0.01, identical to that of concrete slabs (GESIP guide 2002/01).

Model and Size

  • OV1 Size 1800x1250x15
  • OV2 Size 1800x1400x15
  • OV3 Size 11800x1500x15
  • OV4 Size 1600x1800x15
  • OV5 Size 1800x1600x15
  • OV6Size 1500x820x15
  • OV7 Size 1800x1250x15
  • OV9 Size 1800x1250x15
  • OV9 Size 1800x1250x15
  • OV1 Size 1800x1250x15
  • OV1 Size 1800x1250x15


OVERPIPE grids are fully adaptable to customer needs: dimensions, color, resistance. They can act as a mechanical protection, protecting a pipeline against the impact of an 18-tonne excavator, or as a reinforced warning mesh, which will remain intact if snagged by machinery.


Used inside electrical rooms. Slabs replaces the plates in fiber cement and crystalline silica.


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