Nidec Motors for Medium and Large-Size

About Nidec

Nidec holds the No. 1 position in the global brushless DC motor market. In particular, the company has shipped many world No. 1 products. For example, it has an 80% share of the global HDD spindle motor market. The force driving Nidec to secure and maintain the world’s No. 1 position is its comprehensive resources including research & development, manufacturing, sales, and corporate management.

Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on “everything that spins and moves,” centering around a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors.

Nidec Motor Corporation offers an extensive line of industrial and commercial U.S. MOTORS brand high-efficiency electric motors that meet or exceed NEMA Premium®† standards. Our definite purpose motors and special purpose motors can help you save time, money and meet all requirements so you can focus your energy where it belongs. Driving your business onward and upward.

Nidec Motors for Medium and Large-Size  from Nidec Corporation are specializes and handles motor application products based on “everything that spins and moves,” centering around a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors.

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These products are used in all kinds of objects and devices around us that are critical to our lives and society.

Nidec Motors

Nidec has a diverse lineup of products that can accommodate a variety of needs. Nidec also has a wide range of products, including medium- and large-size induction and servo motors used in commercial and industrial equipment fields:

Induction (asynchronous) motors

These motors are designed for the application requirements of variable speed drive systems. We offer both the following types of motors:

  • Constant Torque: Motors specifically designed to handle constant torque loads, such as conveyors, positive displacement pumps, cranes, etc.
  • Variable Torque: Motors specifically designed to handle variable torque loads such as pumps and fans.

Inverter motor

Our ACCU-Series™ variable speed line offers product compatibility for a true system solution. You can easily match a U.S. MOTORS® brand inverter duty motor with a Nidec Motor Corporation drive or panel, or purchase integrated motors and controls. These solution-driven products, designed to be used together as a system, make it easy to choose compatible variable speed motors and drives that are engineered to work together for better, more reliable performance.

Vector motor

Three-phase motor

  • Energy savings: High Efficiency for heavy processes.
  • High efficiency : IE3 and IE4 classes , direct on-line and inverters.
  • High-resistance: designed for corrosive, harsh environments.
  • Available on short delivery.

Three-phase variable speed motor

  • Small dimensions thanks to its high specific output power (interchangeable with DC motors).
  • Possibility of working at high speed in test bench applications.
  • Economical: lower maintenance costs, competitive price of induction motor and drive assembly.
  • Wide speed range for work at constant power.

Specialty motor

Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors

Inverter motor

Anti-explosion motor

  • Flameproof motor for use in zone 1 – Ex db oR Ex db eb IIB / IIC.
  • Flameproof or increased safety terminal box.
  • Efficiency levels in accordance with IE3 class
  • Designed for corrosive, harsh environments.
  • Double certification ATEX AND IECEx.
  • Use with variable speed possible.
  • Optional VIK finish.

Super-econo motor (synchronous induction motor)

Brake motor

Slender motor

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Synchronous motors

  • Synchronous reluctance Permanent magnet motors

Brushless DC motors

  • Air-conditioner motor (Commercial)
  • Industrial motor

Servo motors

  • AC Servo motors
  • DC Servo motors

Pump motors

  • Motors

Medium & and high voltage motors

  • Induction motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • CAPLUS- Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • High Speed Motors

Robotics motors

  • Motors
  • Amp

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