GPI Meters

GPI meters is an authorized stocking distributor of Great Plains Industries and FLOMEC. We carry the full line of Great Plains and FLOMEC Industrial Digital and Mechanical flow meters. All GPI meters supply is genuine from the factory.

GPI Meters General Description

We stock many of the GPI and FLOWMEC flow meters, parts and accessories, and ship them the same day. Our trained staff offers support before and after your purchase and we still remain competitively priced.

Product Type

Turbine Meters

Turbine flowmeters utilize flow measurement technology to render exceptionally reliable and accurate digital outputs. Their high-quality industrial flowmeters are maintainable, durable, and versatile. These versatile turbine flowmeters measure an extensive range of liquids, vapors in pipes, such as chemicals, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids, water, and industrial gases.

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GPI Meters Mag Meters

Pulse flowmeter equipment is available at Great Plains Industrial at one of the lowest prices online. We understand that each measurement needs to be exact and give you the data you need. Pulse flowmeters have applications in a variety of systems such as energy management systems, building automation systems, and more.

When you need a pulse output flowmeter you can count on GPI to provide reliability and precision. With such an extensive amount of different size flowmeters, we’re positive that we can fulfill the needs of your business. These flowmeters are lightweight, easy-to-install, and are heat-resistant (210°F / 99°C). They are also compatible with many water-based liquid solutions.

At Great Plains Industries, we’ve been building rugged, reliable, liquid flowmeters for over 35 years. We supply flowmeters that are genuine GPI/Flowmec meters, new from the factory. We boast one of the largest flowmeter inventories online. Our business is the design, manufacture, and marketing of liquid handling, agricultural, and recreational products.

Sanitary Meters

Stainless steel sanitary flowmeters are an excellent choice for standard industrial flow metering applications. Sanitary flowmeters from GPI meters are ideal in the food and beverage industry in specific applications. GPI flow meters offer the efficiency and accuracy customers need.

GPI Meters Positive Displacement Meter

Lube Meter (Positive Displacement Meter) is made from aluminum, liquid crystal polymer, stainless steel, and buna, our flowmeter lube meter is highly durable and perfect for customers. These amazing positive displacement meters have a pressure rating of 1500 psi, a maximum viscosity of 5 – 1,000 cps, and an operating temperature ranging from -4°F to 140°F. Not only are our flowmeter lube meters designed with durability in mind, but with a digital LCD screen with six digits, our flowmeter lube meter is also designed for easy use.

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