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Nile Merry Tools is the authorized distributor for the specialized Japanese manufacturer Muromoto Tekko of work tools and the pneumatic tools, with a history of 90 years.

We are offering the product that answers customer’s needs by making good use of efficient mechanical equipment and the inspection machine.

In addition, we also obtained ISO9001 in the work tool sector and the motto of “honest and caring heart” which supports your business with high-quality products as well as reasonable prices and delivery times.

Blade Shape
for cutting hard wire For cutting medium wire For cutting soft wire only or plastic, gate, and sprue


Merry 205 Merry 205H Merry 206S Merry 207
Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Flush Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Diagonal Cutting Nippers with Crimping Die
Merry 99W Merry 550 Merry 405 Merry 55S
VA Cutting Nippers
Cutting Nippers
End Cutting Nippers
Electronic Nippers
Merry 450 Merry 305 Merry WA1000 Merry 55S-PM
Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Wire Nippers For Hard Wire
Compound Cutting Nippers
Electronic Nippers
Wire Holding Type
Merry XN200 Merry 205T
Diagonal Cutting Nippers For Electrical Work
Diagonal Cutting Nippers
Luminous Cover


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