Niezgodka Valve

Niezgodka Valve was founded in Hamburg in 1967 and is still a family business today. Niezgodka GmbH currently employs nearly 70 people. Niezgodka experienced great success from the very beginning with its specialization in the development and construction of safety and control valves.

General Description

It has always been Niezgodka ambition to ensure the high quality of products for customers through our highest standards with regard to functionality and material. Optimum customer satisfaction through outstanding expertise and a cooperative partnership is their goal. Flexibility and the fast handling of orders and inquiries are a matter of course for Niezgodka.

Niezgodka is a manufacturer of safety valves and pressure control valves and supply distributors and end users in Europe and all over the world according to their individual needs. Their product range includes the following valves: safety valves, relief, and overflow valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure regulators, vacuum relief valves, combined vacuum, and pressure relief valves, certain model series are also available in a food or pharmaceutical design The standard materials used for the valves are steel, cast steel, and stainless steel.

Niezgodka Valve Products
Niezgodka Valve Products

Special materials are also possible at the request of the customer. Selected valve types can be made completely or partially from materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, or titanium. Other materials and special versions are possible by agreement. The range of applications for Niezgodka valves includes the following, amongst others: Plant engineering, beverage and brewing technology, food technology, pharmaceutical technology, petrochemicals, natural gas and oil production, marine engineering, power plant technology, hydrogen refueling.

Operating safety, avoiding damage to health and the environment, and trouble-free process sequences with economic efficiency at the same time are always guaranteed through the use of Niezgodka valves. Their valves are designed, developed, and produced in accordance with the latest technological standards and on the basis of the relevant standards for safety valves, such as the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, AD2000 leaflets A2 and A4, DIN-EN-ISO- 4126, DIN-EN-12266, DIN-EN-12516.

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The consistent quality of Niezgodka products and complete traceability are guaranteed by the certification (TÜV Nord) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. General approval for safety valves from TÜV Nord, Lloyd’s Register, and DNV GL is the guarantee of a functional product that meets the quality requirements of Niezgodka customers. Ongoing contact with other classification companies and approval for the market of the Customs Union of Russia round off our capability to deliver all over the world.

Products List

Niezgodka Valve Products
Niezgodka Valve Products

There are several categorized for the product, such as:

  • Thread Safety/Relief Valves, Right angle
  • Flange Safety/Relief Valves, Right angle
  • Safety/Relief Valves, food-pharmacy
  • Open Discharge Safety/Relief Valves with Screwed Inlet
  • Flange Safety/Relief Valves, var. Construction
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves, Food-Pharmacy-Design
  • Initial Pressure Controller
  • Initial Pressure Controller, Food-Pharmacy-Design
  • Vacuum Relief Valves/Vacuum and Relief Valves
  • Flange Safety Relief Valve API 526

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