Takashima Pressure Gauge

Takashima Pressure Gauge is aDevelopment, production, and sales of pressure gauges, thermo sensors, thermometers and and measuring-related devices.

Takashima Pressure GaugeĀ  Products

Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges and Compound Gauges

  • Standard Pressure Gauge,
  • Sealing Case Pressure Gauge,
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge,
  • Plastic case Pressure Gauge,
  • Glycerin bath Pressure Gauge,
  • Pressure Gauge with Electric Contacts (Micro Switch Type),
  • Pressure Gauge with Electric Contacts (Contact Switch Type),
  • Small Size Pressure Gauge,
  • Twin Needle Pressure Gauge,
  • Differential Pressure Gauge,
  • Gear-less Pressure Gauge (Link Type),
  • Gear-less Pressure Gauge (Spiral Type),
  • Micrometer (Indoor use Type),
  • Micrometer (Sealed Type),
  • Micrometer (SUS Bellows Gauge Type),
  • Pressure Gauge for General Gas,
  • Pressure Gauge for High Purity Gas,
  • Pressure Gauge for High Pressure Hydrogen Gas,
  • Diaphragm Pressure Gauge (Direct Connection Type),
  • Diaphragm Pressure Gauge (Remote Sensing B Type),
  • Diaphragm Pressure Gauge (Remote Sensing D Type),
  • Pressure Gauge 0.6 Class,
  • Base liquid column Pressure Gauge,
  • Base weight type Pressure Gauge,
  • pecial Pressure Gauge.

Thermo Sensors

Thermocouple, Mineral Insulated Thermocouple, Resistance Thermometer Sensor, Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometer Sensor.


Bimetal Thermometer (Standard Type), Bimetal Thermometer (Stainless Sealing Type), Bimetal Thermometer (Small-sized Type), Water Pressure Temperature Gauge, Bourdon Tube Filled Type Thermometer, Vapor Pressure Thermometer.

Pressure Related Devices

  • Depressurizing Valve
  • Pressure Switch

Accessories for Pressure Gauges

  • Throttle Screw
  • Dampener
  • Joint
  • Siphon Pipe
  • Gauge Ball Cock
  • Gauge Valve
  • Packing
  • Marker Pointer

Accessories for Thermo Sensors

  • Thermowell
  • Compensating Cable
  • Screw Mount
  • Compression Fitting

Calibration and repair services

Inspection certificate, Calibration certificate, Traceability chart, Measurement report of the standard pressure gauge for calibration (Only available in Japanese)

Ref : http://www.takashimakeiki.co.jp

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