Yamamoto Keiki General Industrial Pressure Gauge

YAMAMOTO KEIKI MFG.CO.,LTD pressure gauge. Manostar produced by Yamamoto Electric Works Co.,Ltd, plays an important role in many “Manostar series” which are the micro differential pressure gages and switches, and the electronic.

YAMAMOTO KEIKI General Information

This product is a highly sensitive precision low differential pressure gauge. Handling is easy, make use of industrial measurement and high level physics and chemistry measurement. Measurement of the pressure, the velocity of the moving fluid, and the flow rate are easy.

The potential of the Micro differential pressure gauge “Manostar”

Air flows from high pressure side to low pressure side. This principle can be applied to keep clean air in the room or, alternatively, not to leak polluted air from the room by increasing or decreasing the pressure in the room. The instruments that monitor and control this air flow are called the micro differential pressure gauge. Manostar produced by Yamamoto Electric Works Co.,Ltd, plays an important role in many fields. For example, controlling air-condition of the high-rise buildings and the production lines of semi-conductors, monitoring the pressure of the clean-rooms and the nuclear facilities. *Refer to p.89 later for some applications of Manostar.

In Japan, Manostar has become a synonym of the micro differential pressure gages. In 1961, Yamamoto Electric Works developed the first Japanese-made micro differential pressure gauge. As the result of continuous improvement and development, we can supply “Manostar series” which are the micro differential pressure gauges and switches, and the electronic micro differential pressure measurement system “Manosys”.

Each product is rated high, because of excelling in cost-effectiveness and providing of the broad line-up of accessories since released. Manosys transmits and indicates electric signals converted from the amount of the pressure fluctuatuion. Manosys has been designed to make cost-effectiveness of monitoring and lower energy consumption by the computerized automatic measurement and controlling of micro differential pressure. With demand for miniaturization, high accuracy, and application to an advanced network, we will keep evolving with the needs of the age.



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