Hengesbach DSA 1010 Digital Display

Hengesbach DSA 1010 Digital Display for wall structures is suitable for 0/4…20 mA or 0…+10 V DC input signals. The measuring input is galvanically separated from the supply voltage. The transmitter supply allows direct connection of 2- and 3-wire transmitters, e.g. for pressure or temperature. Display range and decimal points are freely programmable within the digits ± 9999. The fact that several parameters can be programmed allows universal application of the device.

Hengesbach DSA 1010 Digital Display Features:

  • for standard signals 0/4…20 mA and 0…10V DC
  • Simple installation due to the wall structrue with field housing
  • display range and decimal point freely programmable
  • field housing with hinged LID
  • optional with 2 alarm outputs, relay


General information

Device type DSA 1010 digital display for wall structures
Applications Display of standard signals


Current input 0/4…20 mA; Ri = 10 Ω
Voltage input 0…10 V; Ri = <100 k Ω
Potentiometer 0…1 kΩ/100 kΩ
Basic accuracy < 0,1% ±2 Digit
Temperature coefficient 0.004%/K
Transmitter supply U0 approx. 24V, Ri approx. 150 Ω, max. 50 mA (max. 25 mA at 4 relay outputs)


Display scope ± 9999(0) digits with suppression of leading zeroes
Additional display LED 2 digits, red, 7 mm (display for parameter and switching state)


Relay Change-over contact < 250 V AC < 250 VA < 2A, < 300 V DC < 50 VA < 2 A
Analog output 0/4…20 mA working resistance ≤ 500 Ω; 0/2…10V working resistance > 500 Ω, No galvanic separation, output switches automatically (load-dependent)
Accuracy 0.1%; TK 0.01 %/K

Conditions for use

Operation temperature -20…+55 °C

Auxiliary energy

Supply voltage 230 V AC ± 10%; 115 V AC ± 10%; 24 V AC ± 10 % or 24 V DC ± 15%
Power input max. 3.5 VA
Rated voltage 250 V~ according to VDE 0110 between input/output/auxiliary voltage, Overvoltage Category III
Test voltage 4 kV= between input/output/auxiliary voltage
CE conformity EN55022, EN60555, IEC61000-4-3/4/5/11/13

Design configuration

Housing Glassfibre-reinforced polyamide PA6-GF 15/15 for wall structures
Dimensions see dimensional drawing
Weight max. 450 g
Connection Spring-loaded clamps, 2 mm² single wire, 1.5 mm² single wire, AWG14
Type of protection IP 65, clamps IP 20, contact protected according to BGV A3

Download Data Sheet: Digital Display for Signal Input DSA 1010

Ref: hengesbach.com

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