AC Antennas Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series


AC Antennas Land HF-Antenna is a Danish company manufacturing high-performance antenna products.  We are flexible and guarantee fast delivery from our large stock. We are known for our relentless commitment to utilizing our more than 40 years of experience towards one pure goal: To provide the best antennas in the world.

We have a long and proud history within the antenna world that dates back to 1970, and our many years of experience are clearly reflected in our products and services. AC Antennas has a complete product portfolio of Antennas consisting of VHF, HF, UHF, Cellular, FM/AM, CB, Navtex, GPS, TV, dual-band, four-band, and others, as well as a wide range of mounting equipment and accessories. We also manufacture OEM antennas for larger partners.

AC Antennas Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series

Thanks to our loyal customers and partners for always letting us know whenever there is a potential for improving our products our using them on other segments, our antennas are now used not only on the maritime market but also for land-based and other solutions. The antennas are of the same high quality as our marine antennas. Furthermore, they are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance and to withstand punishment from rigorous environments.

AC Antennas Land HF-Antenna offer a complete product portfolio for the land-based segment consisting of VHF-, HF-, UHF-, Cellular-, FM/AM-, CB-, Navtex-, GPS-, TV-, dual-band-, four-band- and other antennas, as well as a wide range of mounting equipment and accessories. Our antenna program is designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user.

The Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series is an omnidirectional HF/SSB active receive antenna. It has an integrated amplifier, RF and DC are both diode-protected. The high quality makes this antenna perfect for both leisure and commercial vessels. AC Antennas Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series is manufactured in premium quality materials in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. Radiating elements are made of copper.

The Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series is manufactured using crimping technology giving the antenna a 4-5 times stronger build-up. Fits both 1″ 14TPI and 1 1/4″ 11 TPI threads. It has the same rugged design as all other AC Antennas products thus it withstands harsh environmental conditions, both on sea and land.

Professional HF-antenna recommended by major radio manufacturers. Land HF-Antenna KUM121 212100-T Series is a high quality omnidirectional active receiving HF antenna with excellent dynamic range in the entire bandwidth.


  • Excellent RF specifications
  • Exceptional material quality
  • Low noise figure
  • Diode protection of RF and DC inputs
  • Grounded through the mounting base
  • Can also be used land-based solutions


Product group HF/SSB
Design Active receiving ant
Pattern Omnidirectional
Electrical specifications
Frequency range [MHz] 0.15-30
Bandwidth [MHz] 29.85
Max. Input Power [Watt] Receive only
Max. HF Voltage [Kv]
Insulation Resistance [Ohm]
Static Capacitance [pF]
Polarisation Vertical
DC Shorted No
DC Grounded Yes, galvanic
Connector UHF-Female
Mechanical specifications
Length [m/ft] 1.26 / 4.10
Sections 1
Weight [kg/lbs] 0.50 / 1.10
Survival Wind Speed [km/h / m/s / mph] 1 0.0234 / 0.2519
Wind Load @ 160km/h [N] 34
Material Fiberglass
Colour White
Operating Temperature Range [°C/°F] 40 to +60 / -40 to +140
Ingress Protection IP66
Thread 1″ 14TPI male / 1 1/4″ 11TPI female
Mounting Mounting nut included

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