Nemalux XR Series Hazardous Location Pole Mounts

Nemalux XR Series Hazardous Location Pole Mounts, Industrial and Hazardous Location LED luminaire suitable for high ambient temperature applications. The Nemalux’s XR can address a wide range of challenging applications in light and heavy industrial workplaces. Several optional mounting brackets allow common use cases for the XR such as area floodlights, platforms, pole tops, building perimeter, wall packs (indoor and outdoor), low and high-bays, surface mounted lights on modular equipment, interior and exterior illumination on marine vessels, saltwater rich locations and much more.

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Nemalux XR Series Hazardous Location Description

XRs are factory programmed to offer light outputs ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 lumen. Auto-ranging power supplies allow operation on 120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC. Optional 0-10V dimming provides further opportunities for fine-tuned illumination results based on facility and operator preference.

Rated for ordinary, marine (UL1598A) and hazardous (Class 1 Division 2 and Zone 2) location use, the XR series is a heavy-duty light fixture based on the latest advancements in LED technology.

Proprietary design features allow thermal separation of power supply and LED heat sinks without the need for physical separation. The two-part copper-free and marine-grade aluminum alloy housing minimize thermal interaction for all electronics, allowing increased ambient temperature ratings. Ingress Protection levels of IP66 enable high-pressure washdowns while the use of a pressure equalization membrane allows for dramatic altitude and humidity changes without stressing electronic components.

A multilayer powder coat prevents degradation of the alloy while allowing deployment in corrosive, outdoor and indoor locations. Increased fin spacing promotes debris shedding as well as optimized airflow to maintain low operating temperatures for the internal power supply and LEDs.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide maximum protection for LEDs. Ultra-efficient secondary optics result in high lumen per watt ratios and select models qualify for DLC. Advanced manufacturing processes result in textured lenses for flood models, significantly improving the visual comfort of facility operators and reducing the potential for glare.

Perimeter bands surround all light-emitting surfaces to provide a full cut-off feature, enabling the use of the XR in sensitive environments requiring dark sky (IDA) listed luminaires.

Secondary optics provide a wide range of optical profiles to increase light fixture spacing and reduce the number of XRs required to achieve target illumination levels. A wide range of project implementations has shown the potential to reduce the number of lights required for a project by up to 25% when compared to hazardous and industrial grade LED lights from most competitors.

Solder free component replacements are possible with the XR at the end of life to allow the continued use of the luminaire by simply replacing power supplies and LED light engines / MCPCBs.

Three entry locations in ¾” NPT allow for through wiring, reducing the need for additional junction boxes.

Nemalux XR Series Hazardous Location Specification :

  • C1D2 c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT (XR-SFY): 10.05 kg
  • 22.1 lbs
  • 8,000 – 20,000 lumen fixture
  • Mounting heights of 8′-25′
  • Approved For: General, Marine, & Hazardous Locations
  • Input Voltage: AC: 120-277 VAC |            HV: 347-480 VAC  (50/60 Hz)
  • Ingress Protection: IP66
  • Ambient Temp Range: -50°C to +75°C
  • Fixture Weight: 8.1 kg | 17.8 lbs            (mounts excluded)
  • Dimensions: 18.74″ x 14.88″ x 3.78″

Nemalux XR Series Hazardous Location Features :

  • Available with 17 possible optical beam profiles
  • Certified for hazardous locations where explosive gases and explosive dust may be present
  • Suitable for Wet & Marine locations:
  • Two-layer TIGER-Shield® coatings for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Approved for through-wiring of multiple luminaires on a single circuit
  • DLC v4.4 Listed high efficiency and performance. Qualifies for rebates and incentive programs in some areas *Pending*
  • 0-10V Dimming

 C1D2    |    C2D2    |    IP66

UL Listed

   UL Marine Listed

IDA – Dark Sky Approved



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