Nemalux EXC Series Explosion Proof Specialty

Nemalux EXC Series Explosion Proof Specialty, Designed to address the needs of confined space and low clearance areas, the EXC offers an innovative solution for locations requiring explosion proof rated lights. With a clearance of less than 4” when surface mounted, the EXC minimizes the obstruction size that is common with explosion-proof luminaires.

Available in 120-277 VAC and 22-28 VDC input power options the EXC fits well with the needs of remote or battery-powered installations or equipment. Three conduit entries allow for multiple conduit routing options. A mounting yoke accessory is available to provide additional aiming options should they be desired.

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Nemalux EXC Series Explosion-Proof Specification

EXC Series1,200 lumen, 120-277 VAC or 22-28 VDC low profile luminaire for C1D1 and C2D1 location use

An explosion-proof LED light approved for C1D1 & C1D2 applications

  • Explosion-proof luminaire designed for confined space and low clearance applications
  • Tested to withstand more than 2,500 psi internal pressure
  • Built-in junction box with 3/4″ NPT entries on three sides
  • Copper-free, marine-grade cast and machined aluminum housing
  • Thermally managed for maximum longevity
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours
  • Integral junction box
  • Available in 120-277VAC & 24VDC models
  • No arcing, sparking, or hazardous temperature components
  • As per NEC 505.15(A) and CEC 18-108, no conduit seals are required during the installation

C1D1   |    C1D2    |    IP66

UL Listed

Weight: 4.4 kg | 9.8 lbs

Dimensions (click to enlarge):

6.5″ x 11.5″ x 3.76″


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Download : Datasheet

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