Oeltechnik Surface condensing systems

Oeltechnik Surface condensing system, OELTECHNIK has designed, engineered, tested and continuously improved its surface condenser product in response to the needs of the turbo machinery equipment manufacture. OELTECHNIK has supplied surface condenser systems to the international market for over 30 years. Our in house rating capabilities can be checked against HEI requirements per customer request.

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Design parameters

OELTECHNIK´s surface condensers are in use worldwide. Our design and manufacturing capabilities are covering all international design codes and national regulations. As the condenser vessel itself is considered pressure vessel, it has to be built according to Codes and regulation of the country of installation. With us you can establish a world wide standard of your product since we have the knowledge, capabilities and certified authority to build pressure vessels to all international design codes and national regulations.


Typical applications:

  • Power generation industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Marine applications

Capabilities – Range of Application:

Design pressure shell side: -1 – 10 barg -14,5 – 145 psig
Design pressure tube side: -1 – 15 barg -14,5 – 217 psig
Maximum diameter: ~4000 mm ~157 inches



Tubes: Admiralyty, 90/10 CuNi, 70/30 CuNi, 304 SS, 316 SS, Duplex, Titanium, Carbon steel tube
Sheets: Carbon steel, CS epoxy baked coated, Stainless steel, 90/10 CuNi solid and cladded
Shell side: Carbon steel, Stainless steel


WKG surface condenser systems include:

  • Surface condenser
  • Hotwell
  • Transition piece
  • Flash box
  • Condensate pumps
  • Safety valve steam side
  • Condensate level control
  • System control instrumentation (LIC, LI, LET)
  • Evacuation unit, including: steam ejector or vacuum pump, intercondenser, piping


Reference : oeltechnik.com

Download : Datasheet

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