Seametrics EX90 Series Insertion Water Flow Meter

Seametrics EX90 Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter The EX90-series battery powered, insertion electromagnetic flow meter is designed for use with conductive fluids in 4”–12” pipe. The EX90’s stainless steel body allows the meter to operate in a wide range of temperatures, pressure, and corrosive or dirty environments.

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

The EX90 is highly suitable for difficult applications. With no moving parts, these meters can be used in “dirty water” applications where debris would foul a mechanical meter. If the EX90 meter is used with a programmable controller, the output signal can be fed direct, with no other conditioning required.

Seametrics EX90 Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter
Seametrics EX90 Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

Rate and total units can be set via the front panel touch key pad by the user. Bidirectional flow is standard with totals available in forward, reverse, net, batch forward and batch reverse.

The EX90 is battery powered and an output cable is available for transmitting the pulse signal to remote devices. The EX90 includes a Seametrics saddle which has been designed to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes and types while ensuring correct placement in the pipe. In addition, an optional internal data logger allows local storage of flow history

Battery Powered Insertion Magmeter
  • Direct replacement for propeller meters
  • Easy to install
  • Less pipe obstruction
  • No moving parts or bearings to replace
  • No routine maintenance
  • Pulse Output Standard
  • 4 year battery life
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Standard


  • No moving parts
  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pulse output standard
  • 4 year battery life
  •  NSF/ANSI Standard 61


Pipe Size  4” to 12”
Materials Sensor Body 316 SS
Electrodes Hastelloy
 Housing Powder-coated diecast aluminum
 Electrode Cap PVDF (Kynar®)
Temperature Operating 10˚ to 140˚ F (-12˚ to 60˚ C)
Storage  -40˚ to 158˚ F (-40˚ to 70˚ C)
Fluid Temp . 32˚ to 200˚ F (0˚ to 93˚ C)
Pressure  200 psi (14 bar)
Flow Rate 0.5 – 4.5 m/sec (1.64 – 14.8 ft/sec) (Low flow cutoff .15 m/sec; .49 ft/sec)
Calibration Accuracy  0.5 – 4.5 m/s +/- 2% of reading
 (1.64-14.76 ft/sec)
0.3 – 0.5 m/sec  +/- (2% of reading + 0.25% of full scale)
(0.98 – 1.64 ft/sec)
Display  Type  128×64 dot-matrix LCD
Digits 5 Digit Rate 8 Digit Total
Units Please Note: All meters are factory set for gallons per minute (GPM) rate and acre foot total. If other units are required, they can be set in the field Rate Volume Units Rate Time Units  Total Volume Units
Gallons Liters Barrels (42 gallons) Cubic Feet Cubic Meters Million Gallons1 Mega Liters1 Imperial Gallons Million Imperial Gallons1 Second Minute Hour Day Gallons Gallons x 10 Gallons x 100 Gallons x 1000 Million Gallons Liters Kilo Liters Mega Liters Barrels (42 gallons) Cubic Meters Cubic Meters x 1000 Cubic Feet Cubic Feet x 1000 Million Cubic Feet Imperial Gallons Imperial Gallons x 1000 Million Imperial Gallons Acre Inch Acre Foot Fluid Ounce
Bidirectional Forward Total, Reverse Total, Net Total, Batch Forward, Batch Reverse2
Power One lithium 7.2V ‘D’ size battery pack, replaceable.
Scaled Pulse Output Signal Current sinking pulse, isolated, 36 Vdc at 10 mA max
 Pulse Rates  User-scalable from 0.1 to 99,999.9 volume units/pulse. Pulse width varies with output frequency, 150 pulses/sec max
Cable Optional Output Cable 20ft (6m) standard length polyurethane jacketed cable—for power and outputs. (Lengths up to 200’ (60 m) available.)
Conductivity >20 microSiemens/cm
 Empty Pipe Detection Hardware/software, conductivity-based
Regulatory Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61 and NSF 372 (Stainless only with EPDM O-ring. Viton pending)
. Environmental IP67
  • * Specifications subject to change. Please consult our website for the most current data ( 1 Rate Time Unit is available in Day only. 2
  • Forward and reverse flow totals are non-resettable. Batch forward and batch reverse totals can be reset.
  • Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

Flow Range*

Nominal Pipe Size 4” 6”  8” 10”  12”
Low Flow Cutoff GPM  19.3 42,11  77.1  120.5  173.5
Low Flow Cutoff LPS 01.22  2.72  4.86  7.6 10,95
 Min GPM 64,3 144,6 257 1 401,6  578.3
Min LPS  4.1  9.1 16,2  25.3 36,5
Max GPM 578 1301 2313  3614 5204
Max LPS 36,5 82.1  145.9  228 328.3

Seametrics EX100/200 EX90 Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

The EX100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion magmeters that fit 3” to 48” pipe (up to 72” optional). The complete lack of moving parts of the EX100/200-Series is the source of its reliability. Brass and stainless steel models withstand a variety of temperature, pressure, and chemical conditions. The EX-Series has no rotor to stop turning in dirty water and there are no bearings to wear out. Like all magmeters, when used in chemical injection applications, these meters should be installed upstream of the chemical line (or far enough downstream to allow complete mixing of fluids before the meter). Adapters mate with standard 1-1/2” (11x/21x) or 2” (15x/25x) FNPT threaded fittings such as saddles and weldolets which may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics.

Seametrics IP100-200 and IP150-250
Seametrics IP100-200 and IP150-250

A rapidly reversing magnetic field is produced in the lower housing. As the fluid moves through this field, a voltage is generated that is measured and translated into a frequency signal proportional to flow rate. Thissquare wave signal can be sent directly to a PLC or other control or can be  converted using any of the Seametrics family of indicators and converters. A modular system of electronics can be installed directly on the flow sensor or mounted remotely. The FT430 (externally powered with pulse) and the FT440 (loop powered), both provide digital rate and total displays, as well as a programmable pulse; the FT440 also provides a 4-20 mA analog output.

The “hot-tap” models (EX15x/25x) can be installed or serviced without shutting down the line by means of a 2” full-port isolation valve that comes with a nipple for installation on the pipe fitting; a bronze ball valve is standard, with a 316 stainless steel valve option if needed. In most circumstances, no special tool is required. Reverse flow output and immersibility are optional.

Adjustable Depth Insertion Magmeter

  • Depth adjustable sensors
  • EX110 fits any 1-1/2″ pipe fitting (standard saddle, for instance) and adjusts to pipe sizes 3-10″
  • EX210 adjusts to pipe sizes 10-48″
  • Meter extends only about 1/8 of pipe diameter, minimizing potential for clogging with debris
  • Accept Seametrics modules for rate and total indication, 4-20 mA conversion, data logging, and flow switching
  • Alternatively, signal can be sent directly to a PLC or other control
  • Available in brass or 316 stainless steel
  • Immersibility and reverse flow output available
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Standard (stainless version)


  • No moving parts
  • Durable
  • Adjustable depth
  • Hot-tap available
  • Brass or stainless steel
  • Immersibility available
  • Reverse flow output available

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