AquaMotion AM5-F1 Cast Iron Circulators

Single-speed and 3-Speed, Stainless and Cast Iron

AquaMotion AM5-F1 are revolutionary “Green Eco Cartridge™ Design” is the heart of the circulator and contains all moving parts. It has the only field replaceable and field serviceable cartridge on the market. In case of failure, competitive manufacturers have to replace their entire cartridge, motor assembly or pump, increasing the foot print on the environment and doubling the cost to the consumer. With our pump, pull out the rotor assembly, flush the cartridge with water and reinstall it. Simple, cost effective, patented. Patent No. 8,083,500 and No. US 8.303.184 B1.

Specifications of AM5-F1

  • AquaMotion AM5-F1 Maximum water temperature 1100C/2300F
  • Maximum working pressure 125 psi
  • The maximum ambient temperature with 2300F fluid is 1040F
  • Minimum inlet pressure 2 psi
  • AquaMotion AM5-F1 Electrical Ratings 120V, 60Hz
    *For addition of 10ft line cord with groundedplug, add “L” at the end of each product number*

AquaMotion AM5-F1 Materials of Constructions


  • STAINLESSSTEEL:Wearring, bearing support, cartridgesleeve, rotor sleeve, rotor cover
  • STEEL: Motor housing
  • CARBONIMPREGNATED:Radial bearings
  • CAST IRON: Pump housing (volute) (Closed Systems)
  • EP (Ethylene Propylene Rubber): O-ring and gaskets


  1. AquaMotion AM5-F1 circulators are designed to handle water and mixtures of water and up to 50% ethylene or propylene glycol. The addition of certain chemical additives or petroleum based products voids the warranty.
  2. For closed loop systems, circulator with cast iron pump housings may be used.
  3. For open loops and fresh or potable water, use pumps with bronze or stainless steel housings only.
  4. AquaMotion AM5-F1 Operating pressures may not exceed 125psi.
  5. Maximum fluid temperatures must not exceed nameplate rating.
  6. Maximum ambient air temperature is 104F. (For higher ambient temperatures consult factory).

Installation and Start-Up

  1. AquaMotion AM5-F1 Prior to installation, check circulator for damage due to mishandling.
  2. Mounting position: The circulator may be installed with the motor in the horizontal position or vertically with the motor up. (Do not install with the motor down).
  3. Flow directions: An arrow on the pump housing indicates the direction of flow.
  4. Rotating motor: The motor can be rotated relative to the pump housing so that the junction box is located in the most convenient position. However, it must not be located at 6 o’clock when the motor is horizontal. To rotate the motor, remove the fur housing bolts, rotate and replace bolts. Make sure the 0’ring gasket is properly located in the recess of the pump housing.
  5. AquaMotion AM5-F1 Electrical connections: OBSERVE ALL APPLICABLE CODES WHEN CONNECTING POWER. Check nameplate for voltage and ampere draw. The motor is impedance protected; no additional overload protection is required. The black supply wire may be connected to either motor wire. The pump cannot run backwards. Use supply wires rated not less than 90C. Use copper conductors only. Attention: Employer des fils d’alimentation pour 90C. Utilisez des conducteurs en cuivre seulement.
  6. Charging the system: The bearings of the AquaMotion pumps are lubricated by the fluid being pumped, hence they never need to be lubricated. However, to assure adequate initial lubrication, the system must be filled and pressurized. In vertical position, a minimum of 20 psi is required. DO NOT OPERATE THE PUMP UNTIL SYSTEM IS PROPERLY FILLED AND PRESSURIZED
  7. When system has been properly filled, operate the pump for 5 to 10 minutes to further purge air from pump.

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Download Data Sheet : AquaMotion AM5-F1 Cast Iron Circulators SS

Download Instructions Sheet :AquaMotion AM5-F1 Cast Iron Circulators IS

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