Shako 5/2; 5/3 WAY PILOT SOLENOID VALVE (18mm width)


  • Medium and compact size, 18mm width solenoid valve.
  • Manual override design for easy test and operation.
  • Anodized aluminum body and strict quality control provide a long durability.
  • The mounting position is identical to the counter product from the famous Japanese brand.


Model SM520-01-S SM520-01-D SM530-01-D
Port size 1/8″
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Fuild Compressed ar
Acting Internal Pilot
Effective area 11mm2 9mm2
Operating pressure range 1,5 – 8 kgf/cm 2-7 kgf/cm
Proof pressure 9.9 kgf/cm2
Ambient temperature -10℃  60℃
Duty cycle 100% ED
Coil type Lead wire (standard),DIN (option)
Protection Class IP65 (DIN 40 050)
Insulation class F
Voltage tolerance 10%
Net weight 125g 195g 215g

Download Datasheet: Shako 5/2; 5/3 WAY PILOT SOLENOID VALVE SM520 Series

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