Bacharach MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller

General Information

Bacharach MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller centralizes the status of up to 8 gas detection channels in a single location. The digital display provides a real-time view of the gas concentration and status at each gas detection point. It also allows for the controller to be configured in minutes via the intuitive menu system. A bank of LEDs corresponds to each connected gas detector; showing power, alarm status and fault indicators.

The Bacharach MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller can provide power for up to 8 gas detectors, which can be daisy-chained along with Modbus communication to each gas detector; simplifying and reducing the cost of installation.

Integration is possible with Bacharach’s MGS-400 Series, MGS-250 and MGS-550 Gas Detector platforms; allowing for a gas detection system design which can utilize the benefits of multiple gas detector types as required in different locations (machinery rooms, cold storage rooms, walk-in freezers and food preparation areas).

Combining the MGS-408 with Bacharach’s range of gas detectors provides a single system with an easy means of achieving compliance with refrigeration safety standards such as EN 378 and ASHRAE 15 for safety compliance in refrigeration applications

Bacharach MGS-408 Features and Benefits

LED Status Indication At-a-glance visualization of whole gas detection system alarm status
Integrates with Gas Detectors Integrates the MGS-250 MGS-410, MGS-450, MGS-460 and MGS-550; creating a system suitable for applications with different requirements at multiple monitoring points
Power Gas Detectors Saves time and money on electrical installation
Modbus RTU Master to Gas Detectors Gathers full set of gas detector status
Modbus RTU Slave to BMS/BAS Integrates into BMS / BAS or refrigeration controllers
Event logging via SD Card Retains / exports alarm and status history of the gas detection system
Display Screen Displays real time data from all gas detectors in the system and offers simple configuration of controller
Audible and Visual Alarms Quick and easy sensor replacement in the field & reduced downtime (doesn’t require cal. gas)

Bacharach MGS-408 Specification

Specification Description
User Interface Front panel push buttons
Relays 1 × Fault, 1 × Low Alarm, 1 × High Alarm
Serial Ports 1 × RS485 Modbus RTU Slave for BMS / BAS, 1 × RS485 Modbus RTU Master for Gas Detectors
Ambient Temperature Range 32 – 113°F (0 – 45°C)
Power 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 80W (max)
Size (W×H×D) Approx. 11.0” × 8.5” × 3.9” (280 × 215 × 100 mm)
Weight Approx. 2lb, 12.1oz (1250 g)
Cable Entries 2 × M20 / 1/2” conduit (power), 6 × M16 cable glands (signal)
Approvals EN 61010-1, CAS C22.2 61010-1, EN 50270, CE, FCC 15 Subpart B


Part Number Description
6702-8000 8-Channel Gas Detection Controller
Parts & Accessories
1100-2307 External Strobe (Red Lens)
1100-2308 External Strobe (Green Lens)
1100-2309 External Strobe (Blue Lens)
1100-2310 External Strobe (Yellow Lens)


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