Brainchild BTC-705 Analog Temperature Controller

This analog controller is used for simple applications with on/off or P control, without indication.


  • Build-in Laser Trim ASIC
  • Easy to change the range
  • ON-OFFor time proportional selectable
  • Compact, only 65mm in depth
  • A wide selection of control output option
  • A wide selection of ranges
  • Sensor break protection
  • Alarm option (BTC-704, BTC-702 Only)
  • Low Cost
  • EMC, LVD: CE



Thermocouple (T/C) Type J, K
RTD 3-wires PT 100 ohms, DIN or JIS
Range See ordering information
Accuracy ±1% of span
Cold Junction Compensation ±0.1°C / 1°C
Rejection of RTD Lead Resistance ( 0.1°C – 0.025% of PV reading) / ohm
Sensor Break Protection Upscale
External Resistance 100 ohms max.
Normal Mode Rejection 60 dB
Common Mode Rejection 120 dB
Sample Rate 3 times / second


Proportion Band 2.2% of span
ON-OFF Hysteresis 1 % of span
Cycle Time 20 seconds for relay output, 1 second for pulsed voltage output, 0.02 second for linear current or voltage output.
Control Action Reverse action


Control Relay 5A / 240V max. resistive load
Pulsed Voltage 20mA / 32VDC max.
Current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, max. load 500 ohms
Voltage 0- 10V, min. load 500k ohms
Alarm Relay output, 2A / 240VAC max. resistive load


Setpoint 3-digit or 4-digit switch
Alarm Deviation alarm, adjustable ±10% of span
Manual Reset Adjustable 2.6% of span
Resolution of set point 1 LSD (Least Significant Digit)
Accuracy of set point ±1% of span
Repeatability of set point ±1 LSD


Process Indicator 10mm red LED display
Status Indicator ON red LED Lamp
Alarm Indicator ON red LED Lamp


  • Rating: 90-240VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Consumption: Less than 5VA

Environmental & Physical

Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Humidity 0 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Insulation 20M ohms min. (500VDC)
Breakdown AC2000V,50/60Hz,1 minute
Vibration 10-55Hz,amplitude 1mm
Shock 200 m/s² (20g)
Weight 210 grams,
Dimension 72(W)X72(H)X65mm (depth behind the panel)
Panel cutout 68 X 68mm

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