Flo-corp LSVP Vibex Plus Vibrating Level Switch

Flo-corp LSVP Vibex Plus is a universal level switch for liquids. It reliably detects level within millimeter precision regardless of installation position. The Vibex Plus can be used as an empty or full detector, as overfill protection, dry run protection, or pump protection in vessels and pipelines. The artificial intelligence within the Vibex brain will ignore any coating or deposit on the sensors to provide trouble-free service for years.

The smart power supply can detect an AC power circuit or DC power. The DPDT relay can be used to switch a pump on or off and also provide a set of contacts for an audible alarm or light. The rugged enclosure provides protection in wet, dirty and hazardous environments.

Flo-corp LSVP Vibex Plus Features and benefits

  • Setup without adjustment
  • 4.0” insertion depth
  • 1.0” NPT process connection
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Product-independent switching point
  • Very high reproducibility
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Explosion Proof qualified

Flo-corp LSVP Vibex Plus Specification

Medium  Liquid or Dry Solids
Insertion Depth 4 inches
Power Supply 24VDC or 220 VAC
Power Consumption 3W
Medium Density Min. -0.0015ln/3in
Output Signal Relay Output (AC 110-220V/3A, DC 3 – 30V/5A
Operating Temp. 0 to 302ºF
Operating Pressure Limit 3,000 PSIG
Conduit Inlet Size 0.5 inch NPT
Process Connection  1 inch NPT
Protection Class Explosion Proof

Download Datasheet: Flo-corp Vibex Plus™ LSVP Vibrating Level Switch

Ref: Flo-corp.com

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