Vibex 2000™ LSV2 Vibrating Level Switch, Flocorp Level Switches


Level switches are required in many processes and are often an inexpensive way to provide overflow protection or turn pumps on and off when the continuous level measurement is not required. Regardless of your application, our point level devices will fit the bill for your application. And if sticky liquids and buildup are a problem, we have solutions for that too. We are happy to help you select a level switch that will solve your problem.

The Vibex 2000™ vibrating level switch is an ideal instrument for accurate point level detection in solids. When the vibrating rod is immersed in the product, the vibration frequency change is detected by the integrated electronics module and converted into a switching command.

If the vibrating rod is not covered by solids, its natural resonant frequency changes back and so do the state of the switching output. The ideal rod design esures a reliable function in solid applications. Typical applications include bulk solids such as non-adhesive powders, plastic granules, pellets, and fine-grained bulk solids.

Features and benefits

  • Simple setup without adjustment
  • Product-independent switching point
  • Insensitive to build-up
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Robust and reliable
  • Detection of bulk solids from 0.0007 lbs/in
  • Ability to sense very low bulk solid densities down to 20 g/l
  • The easy setup even without filling or emptying the bin or silo
  • Insensitive to buildup


Measuring Range Bulk solids from 20 g/l
Process Fitting Threaded 1” NPT
Process Temperature -50ºF to 482ºF (-50 to 250ºC)
Process Pressure -14.5 psig to 232 psig
SIL Qualification Optionally up to SIL2
Wetted Parts 316L Stainless Steel
Housing Aluminum di-casting powder coated and primed
Weight 69 oz.
Max. Lateral Load 214 lbs ft
Output Relay Output (DPDT) 2 floating spdts
Voltage Supply 20 – 253 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 – 72 VDC
Power Consumption 1-8VA, Approx 1.3 W (DC)
Turn-on Voltage min: 10mV, max: 253 VAC, 253 VDC
Switching Current min: 10 uA, max: 3 A AC, 1 A DC
Delay Time Approx: When immersed: 0.5s, empty/bare: 1s

Download Datasheet: Vibex 2000™ LSV2 Vibrating Level Switch, Flocorp-Level Switches


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