Microsensor Corp MPM4710 Recording Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MPM4710 Recording Transmitter is able to be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, water conservancy, city flood control, and city water supply and drainage, etc. It is supplied by a battery, could work without manual control.

The transmitter could record level or pressure change continuously. By setting the proper data collection interval, the transmitter could record from several days to several years. Very low power consumption is another advantage, one AA battery 3.6V/2400mAh could work for many years continuously.

Microsensor Corp MPM4710 Recording Transmitter has an absolute pressure sensor inside, to measure the lower level, please be careful with atmosphere change. We suggest installing a barometer or another MPM4710 Recording Transmitter to record air pressure. And then calculate two pressure difference of two instruments by computer, that is the final level value; Please pay attention that gets MPM4710 back from the measurement point, then remove the end cap and read record through the data interface.

Microsensor Corp MPM4710 Features

  • The latest microprocessing technique; better accuracy and resolution for pressure and temperature signals; digital compensation for both linearity and temperature error of pressure sensor;
  • Good data security due to nonvolatile memory units;
  • Single 3.6V/2400mAh Lithium cell for power supply; low current ≤30uA for Standby Mode; long-term collection available;
  • Full stainless steel housing; multi-track O-ring sealing; easy to change the battery and read data;
  • Complete recording to pressure, temperature, and the happening time;
  • Flexible recording time setting, the min. 1s, the 255 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds;
  • The max. 50,000 recordings;
  • Bus line RS485 protocol; freely wake up the transmitter to set and read pressure value, temperature value, and recording;
  • Factory setting restore available, could reduce cost when the user makes incorrect setting or maintenance;
  • High stable design, use hardware watch-dog and multi-track software inspection to reduce system halted;
  • Protection class IP68, a long-term submersible application available;
  • High accuracy class at wider temperature range -30℃ ~80

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Pressure range 0~0.1…1.1MPa(Absolute)
Overpressure 2×pressure range
Power supply Cylinder 3.6V/2400mAh Lithium cell
Output signal RS485 digital
Environment temp. -30℃ ~80℃
Error1 -10℃ ~40℃      0.10%FS(typ.)       0.2%FS(max.)
-30℃ ~80℃      0.15%FS(typ.)       0.3%FS(max.)
Stability <0.2%FS/year (typ.)
Resolution 0.01%FS
Temperature resolution 0.1℃ (-30℃ ~80℃ )
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Record interval 1s~255 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
(1s~10 days 15 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds)
Record data quantity Recording stops when the records are 50,000 (including date, time, temperature and pressure)
Static current (no collection, no recording, no communication)<30uA
Battery life Typ. (once per hour)about 7 years
Construction material Housing: SS 316L        O-ring: Viton
Protection class IP68
Others Weight: about 500g         Resolution: 100MΩ/50V
Shock: 20g 20~5000Hz Impact: 20g 11ms

Download Datasheet: MPM4710, Microsensorcorp-Recording Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com