Microsensorcorp Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal


Microsensorcorp Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal is a compact device with a battery supply, ultra-low power consumption, IP68 protection, wireless communication, and various sensor data collection function, in specific circumstances, multiple power supply options are available. It is suitable for monitoring fields without the power supply condition and the harsh environment. It could realize the multi-function including data collection, storage, alarming and transmission for underground water, firefighting water, dam water, water supply, and drainage pipeline.

With wide coverage of the wireless network, the product could detect the real-time data of many monitoring sites in a wide range of areas like tap-water pipeline pressure,  flow,  underground water,  agricultural irrigation, dam level, water monitoring,  wind, rain, ambient temperature and humidity, air quality monitoring, water flow monitoring, image and firefighting pipeline monitoring, especially suitable for Underground Well detection application in a harsh environment.

Microsensorcorp Earth1006  Features

  • IP68 protection, dust-proof and waterproof;
  • Multiple power supply options are available;
  • Wireless transmission, no field wiring;
  • Wide range measurement, pressure, temperature, level, flow, image, drain well cover ;
  • Multi-channel, max. 8-way sensor parameters access;
  • The remote setting for collection, transmission, and image interval;
  • Sensor available with an upper and lower limit of the threshold value and web real-time warning;
  • PC and mobile terminal data application;
  • Support customer self-built system and configuration application;
  • Provide mounting accessories;
  • Solution for underground

Microsensorcorp Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal Specification

 Power Supply Non-Recyclable Battery Rechargeable  DC Power AC  Solar Power
Battery Power/12VDC Adapter
Battery Capacity (See description on lable /Nameplate)  20Ah/12V  12VDC 110V~240V AC 50/60Hz 20 Ah/12V
Solar Panel: 12V/20W
  Battery Lifetime  3~5 years (Related to transmission frequency) Longer than 1 month(Related to transmission frequency)   \   \ More than 1 month (Related to Transmission frequency )
 Feed  100mA/14.4V DC  100mA /12VDC 100mA 100mA 100mA
/12V DC /12V DC /12V DC
Power Consumption Sleep Current ≤30uA/14.4V Transmission Average Current ≤50mA/14.4V

 Interface Parameters

Interface AI DI/PI RS485 Camera
Count 3 2 1 1
 Signal  0V~5V DC/  Switch/Pulse  ModBus RTU For taking pictures only, video transmission not available
4mA~20mA DC
  Notes  Collection accuracy  Low level 0~1VDC High level 5~12VDC Pulse   Frequency≤10Hz  Max.3-ch sensor parametric analysis, It’s also used in parameter settings   RS485
 Hints  Available with max. 8-channel sensor input; Max. 4 physical interfaces; Default interfaces:1×RS485,1×AI; If more than 4 interfaces are required, the extra connection boxes would be necessary.

Other Specifications

  • Protection: IP68( can work normally for 72 hours at 1m below the water)
  • Housing: PA6+30% GF
  • Installation method: hoop and wall mounting
  • Outline dimension: 147×262.5×105.5mm
  • Weight: about 3kg

Download Datasheet:Earth1006, Microsensorcorp-Remote Monitoring Terminal

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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