Electromagnetic Flowmeter EFM-115, Dinel-Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter EFM-115, Dinel-Flowmeter


The Electromagnetic flowmeter EFM–115 is a precise measuring device intended for the measurement of the liquid flow of electrically conductive media. The meters may be used for measurements, registration, dosing, mixing, etc. The measurement is based on the principle of Lorentz law. In compliance with this law, an electric voltage is induced in an electrically conductive body, which moves across a magnetic field.


  • Nominal diameter DN 15–200 mm
  • Easy change from compact to the remote version
  • Robust and resistant cover of the sensor and transmitter
  • Flow direction indication
  • Universal power supply

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Nominal size DN 15 … 200 mm
Flange type DIN 2576–PN–16
Connecting cable Standard 0.5 m / 2 x 2 x 0.25 mm2
Coils excitation Pulse DC
Isolation class of coils excitation E
Process connection Flanged DIN
Maximum Pressure 1.6 MPa
Protection class IP67
Liner material / Temperature Hard rubber / – 5°C … +90°C
Electrodes material Stainless steel 316Ti
Outer casing flanges / Flow tube material Carbon steel standard / Stainless steel 321
External coating Acrymetal multi component lacguer
Ambient temperature range -20°C … +50°C
Medium electrical conductivity > 5 μS/cm, for demineralized water > 20 μS/cm
Electrode impedance input > 1010 Ω
Flowrate Min. 0.3 m/s; max. 12 m/s
Measurement accuracy 0.3 % of reading, while flow is within 10 … 100% of range
Flow filter Multi-mode adjustment
Low flow rejection Adjustable in steps of 0.1 %
Flow direction Bi-directional measurement is distinguished by sign
Zero flow Automatic zero point setting
Data logger 4 months capacity (average 5 min. current flowrates)
Display / Resolution Alphanumeric OLED / 2 x 16 characters, with backlight
Analog output – Active galvanically separated 4(0) … 20 mA / 500 Ω
Frequency output – Passive galvanically separated 0 … 1 kHz / 0 … 100 % from flow rate range; 8.2 … 10 kΩ Max 24 V DC
Binary outputs 1 … 4x relays, non-voltage contact, non-inductive load 250V AC (30V DC)/3A
Communication outputs RS–485 / Modbus RTU, galvanically separated
Cable outlets 3x PG 11, Power supply cable Max. 3x 1.5 mm2
Power supply 85 … 260 V AC / 50 … 60 Hz; 9 … 36 V DC
Power consumption 10 VA
Fuse (internal) 630 mA
Protection class IP 67
Ambient temperature range -20º C … +50ºC
Weight 2.6 kg
Housing material Aluminium alloy
External coating Powder coating

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Ref: Dinel.cz