Apollo 108FC Fire Pump Relief Valve

Apollo Valves 108FC Fire Pump Relief Valve Description

The Apollo 108FC Relief Valve automatically relieves excess fire pump discharge pressure, to prevent the pressure from exceeding the rating of the fire system components. The normally closed, spring-loaded pilot, sensing pump discharge pressure, opens when pressure exceeds the spring setting, allowing the main valve to open.

As the pump pressure increases the pilot controls the main valve to open further. The pressure is maintained at the controlled set point over a wide range of flows regardless of back pressure in the downstream piping. The valve closes gradually as pressures decrease below the set point.

Apollo 108FC Relief Valve Features

  • Limits maximum pump discharge pressure.
  • Opens quickly; maintain pressure within close limits.
  • Adjustable 60-180 psi or 100-300 psi.
  • Pilot-operated main valve.
  • The pressure setting is adjustable with a single screw.
  • Factory tested and pre-set to your requirements.
  • UL Listed & Factory Mutual Approved for both split-case centrifugal and vertical turbine pumps.
  • Sizes 3” – 8”, globe and angle pattern.
  • NSI Flanged Class 150, Class 300, and 300 inlet x 150 outlets.
  • Wide range of materials available.

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Fire pump relief valves are sized per the guidelines in NFPA 20, and are based on the rated flow of the pump.

Valve Size Max Pump Flow (gpm) Max Pressure Setting (psi)
3″ 500 300(UL)/175(FM)
4″ 1000 300(UL)/175(FM)
6″ 2500 300(UL)/175(FM)
8″ 5000 175 (UL & FM)

Maximum Pressure

End Connections Ductile Iron Steel/SS Bronze
Threaded 640 psi 640 psi 500 psi
Grooved 300 psi 300 psi 300 psi
150# Flanged 250 psi 285 psi 225 psi
300# Flanged 640 psi 740 psi 500 psi

Ref : www.apollovalves.com

Download Data Sheets : Apollo Valves 108FC Fire Pump Relief Valve


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