Flux Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps RFM/RFML 15

The FLUX name has been synonymous with pump technology for more than 70 years. It was the invention of the electric drum pump that sparked it all off. In the meantime, of course, technology has become more sophisticated. FLUX company innovations have markedly improved working routines for filling and transferring fluids. It is often said that medium-sized companies are the engines of progress.

FLUX is an invention. In the year 1950 the first electric drum pump was introduced. It was named FLUX. Out of this core, the FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH was established. The medium-sized company based in Maulbronn develops and sells innovative solutions in the field of pump technology.

FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps are the most versatile and can be used for almost every liquid in all different fields of industry. Be it viscous products, even with solids in suspension, abrasive fluids, high flammability or aerated liquids: FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps meet every application featuring high operation safety and reliability. Due to their solid construction together with matched diaphragms, these self-priming pumps are specially designed for continuous operation. FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps ensure a very smooth liquid transfer
(no shearing), are insensitive to solids in suspension, safe in dry running as well as totally overload-proof.

Other main features of FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps are their high-cost efficiency and a very low noise level. Each pump can be easily dismantled for optimum cleaning. A comprehensive range of accessories such a pulsation dampers, pressure controllers with filter units, stroke counters, and fittings guarantee the safe use of the pumps.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps RFM/RFML 15

The air-operated diaphragm pumps RFM/RFML is almost completely diffusion resistant due to the thick-surface structure. Available are versions with flap valves, and FDA-certified and conductive versions (RFML) for use in hazardous areas.

The FLUX air-operated diaphragm pump RFM/RFML 15 is self-priming and protected against dry running. The pump is distinguished for its versatility and can be used for pumping low to high-viscosity media with solid particles, abrasive media, highly flammable media, or liquids with high gas content.


  • Massive construction
  • Almost completely diffusion resistant due to the thick-surface structure
  • Long service life even at high pressures due to the composite enduring diaphragm
  • The version available with flap valves
  • Extremely long service life even with abrasive media
  • Quiet/low noise
  • Composite enduring diaphragm with an integrated metallic core
  • Easily accessible control valve without seals


  • Safe dry running and overload-proof
  • Self-priming
  • Insensitive to solids in suspension
  • Variable delivery rates by simply adjusting the air pressure
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Suitable for high temperature
  • Long service life of diaphragm due to short stroke lifts
  • Versions for use in hazardous areas available
  • FDA-certified version available


  • Highly concentrated sodium hypochlorite
  • Chlorine media
  • Wastewater from industrial hardening machines
  • Solvent mixtures
  • Pickling baths


  • Flow rate: max. 45 l/min1
  • Flow pressure: max. 7 bar
  • Operating pressure: max. 7 bar
  • Suction head: max. 3 m1
  • Suction head product-filled: max. 8 m1
  • Size of solids: max. 2 mm
  • Viscosity: min. 1 mPas – max. 15000 mPas2
  • Housing Materials: Polypropylene, PTFE, Polypropylene conductive, PTFE conductive
  • Media / Fluids: Highly flammable media, Viscous media, Abrasive media, Media with solid particles
  • Connection pressure side: G 1/2
  • Connection suction side: G 1/2

Which material goes best with which liquid
Material: Pump housing
Polypropylene (PP) up to 60 °C
suitable for corrosive liquids, acids, and alkalis
as well as neutral liquids
Polypropylene conductive (PP) up to 60 °C
suitable for high-flammability liquids
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) up to 100 °C
suitable for very corrosive liquids, concentrated acids
and alkalis as well as neutral liquids
Polytetrafluorethylene conductive (PTFE) up to 100 °C
suitable for high-flammability liquids
Material: Diaphragm, Balls, and Seals
NBR (NN) up to 90 °C
EPDM (EE) up to 80 °C
FKM (VV) up to 90 °C
PTFE/FFKM (TK) up to 100 °C
PTFE/EPDM (TE) up to 80 °C
PTFE/FKM (TV) up to 90 °C

FLUX air-operated diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps consisting of two pump housings and one control valve part. Diaphragms within the pump housings securely separate the liquid section (red) from the air section (blue). Both diaphragms are connected by a selector shaft which is located in the control valve part. Compressed air inflating alternately the air sections causes a movement of the diaphragms (1st and 2nd cycle). The subsequent transfer operation is controlled by a control valve which is easy to dismantle. Due to their solid construction, the pumps are designed for continuous operation and do not require any special maintenance.

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Ref: flux-pumps.com

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