Linde HPV-02 Variable pumps for closed circuit operation

Representation of the hydraulic components of a closed loop hydrostatic drive: Variable electro-hydraulic controlled pump HPV-02 E1 and fixed displacement motor HMF-02 plus filter, cooler and oil tank. The function diagram and the circuit diagram show two types of cooling. Linde high pressure units are designed for excellent reliability and long service life. The actual service life of a hydraulic unit is determined by numerous factors. It can be extended significantly through proper maintenance of the hydraulic system and by using high-quality hydraulic fluid.

In order to guarantee long-term proper function and high efficiency of the hydraulic pumps the purity of the pressure fluid must comply with the following criteria according to Linde Works Standard WN 51 210. High purity oil can extend the service time of the hydraulic system significantly. Units of the HPV-02 series can be equipped with a pure charge pressure manifold or with a combined charge pressure and filter flange manifold. The following filter sizes are available, depending on the rated size of the unit. Further details about the mounting of the charge pressure manifold see section “Dimensions. Modular System”


Design Characteristics

  • axial piston pump in swashplate design for high pressure closed loop systems
  • clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
  • exact and rugged servo control devices (mechanical, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic)
  • integrated high pressure relief valves with make-up function
  • integrated low pressure relief valves for boost, control and cooler circuits
  • replaceable cartridge filter
  • SAE high pressure ports
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • through shaft SAE A, B, B-B and C
  • charge pressure pumps for internal and external suction, integrated cold start relief valve optional
  • optional tandem and multiple pumps

Product Advantages

  • compact design
  • high power density
  • dynamic response
  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • noise-optimized
  • precise and load-independent

Technical Data

HPV-02 55 75 105 135 165 210 280
Max. displacement cc/rev 54.07.00 75.09.00 105 135.07.00 165.06.00 210.01.00 281.09.00
Max. operating speed rpm 3900 3400 3200 3000 2750 2300 2400
Max. speed* rpm 4150 3600 3400 3200 2950 2500 2550
Nominal pressure bar 450 450 450 450 450 450 450
Max. pressure** bar 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Torque (Δp=430 bar; charge pressure=20 bar) Nm 374 519 719 929 1133 1438 1929
Corner power KW 153 185 241 292 326 346 485
Weight approx. (with H1 control, without oil)*** kg 46 49 66 72 113 132 164
*highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
**highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
***inclusive internal gear pump (size 55-135) or external gear pump (size 165-280)

Download Datasheet: Linde HPV-02 Variable pumps for closed circuit operation


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