Quincy Compressor QT Reciprocating Piston

Powerful Performance

The Quincy QT reciprocating piston air compressor is more than just your typical splash-lubricated two-stage. The highly efficient, robust QT delivers more air (CFM) per brake horsepower while consuming less energy. We use cast-iron where it’s needed for strength and durability, and aluminum where it’s needed for optimum cooling and long life. A Quincy compressor may cost you a little more up front, but over time, the long lasting performance will save you money

Quincy Compressor QT Raciprocating Piston, A reciprocating air compressor is a positive-displacement compressor that uses a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder to compress the air. A single-stage reciprocating piston compressor works by drawing the air into the cylinder where it is compressed in a single-piston stroke of approximately 120 PSI and then sent to a storage tank. A two-stage compressor includes an additional steps where the air is compressed by a second, smaller piston to a pressure of up to 175 PSI.

QT 5-15 hp Standard Duty Two Stage

Leading the industry with the most acfm per brake horsepower, the Quincy QT™ ensures more air while consuming less energy in the production process. A one-piece aluminum head optimizes strength and dissipates heat, while Quincy’s unique valve design provides the highest volumetric efficiency available.

The reciprocating Quincy QT is a standard duty air compressor designed to deliver more CFM per brake horsepower, ensuring the powerful, reliable performance you demand. Basic QT models include:

  • Quincy 5 hp air compressors including the 2V41C60VC and the 251CP80VCB
  • Quincy 7.5 hp air compressors
  • Quincy 10 hp air compressors
  • Quincy 15 hp air compressors
  • Quincy QT reciprocating piston air compressor
    Quincy QT reciprocating piston air compressor

Quincy Compressor QP Specification & Warranty

Our two-stage splash lubricated QT piston air compressor models are designed to deliver higher volumes of air while also consuming less energy. The special valve design provides the highest possible volumetric efficiency and features super-strong stainless steel valves. The balanced counter-weighted crankshaft ensures smooth operation and fewer maintenance headaches. The cast iron construction also assures a long compressor lifespan. As with our QP line, the QT is available in Pro Unit and Max Unit options.

  • 5-15 hp
  • 17-206 acfm, 175 psig maximum
  • Two Stage
  • Cast iron splash lubricated
  • No bullt warratty

Reciprocating Air Compressors Work

Compressors decrease the amount of space air takes up by compacting it. A reciprocating compressor is a positive-displacement air compressor that uses a crankshaft-powered piston and cylinders. Our piston air compressors use either a single- or two-stage process to compress air. 

Compressing air decreases its volume and increases its density without changing it to liquid. Here is how a reciprocating air compressor works: 

  • Gas enters the cylinder through the intake valve. 
  • The piston pulls away from the intake valve and allows the gas to pass into the cylinders. 
  • The crankshaft powers the piston, which compresses the gas in one stroke of about 120 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. 
  • In two-stage compressors, air travels to a second cylinder for another round of compression. A second piston compresses the gas at a pressure rate of 175 psi.
  • Once complete, the compressed air is sent to a storage tank for use. 

Reciprocating air compressors are compact options workers can apply to natural gas processing and delivery and oil refining. These air compressors work across industries to give you powerful compression. 

What Makes it a Quincy?

  • Compressor Head, Gaskets and Valves
    • Aluminum head for cooler operating temperatures and longer life.
    • Graphite cylinder and head gaskets for positive sealing and improved performance.
    • Stainless-steel, corrosion resistant reed valves with controlled lift for maximum efficiency.
  • Interstage Intercooler
    • Finned-copper-tubed intercooler dissipates excess heat from the first stage of compression to the second-stage, helping to eliminate carbon build up in the head and increase valve life.
  • Flywheel
    • Large, balanced cast-iron flywheel for smoother operation, angled for maximum cooling across the compressor for longer life.
  • Rings
    • High performance, automotive-style rings allow less than 6 PPM oil carryover.
  • Crankshaft
    • Balanced counter-weighted crankshaft for smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Construction
    • Cast-iron cylinder, flywheel, and crankcase for dependability.
    • The extra-capacity oil reservoir assures low oil temperatures for lasting performance.

Premium Features

QT Compressor Features

  • Splash Lubricated Two-Stage
  • Cast-iron Crankcase, Cylinders and Flywheel
  • Stainless-Steel Reed Valves with Valve Bumpers
  • Ductile Iron, Double Throw Crankshaft
  • Industrial Ball Bearings
  • Two-Piece Aluminum Connecting Rods
  • Fin and Tube Intercooler
  • Sight Glass Oil Gauge on QT-5, QT-7.5 and QT-10
  • Bayonet Type Oil Gauge – QT-15; QT-54
  • Automotive Style Inlet Filter/Silencer
  • One-Year Warranty Standard

QT Unit Features

  • Slow Speed Open Drip Proof Motors; 200, 230, 460 or 575 Volt (QT-5 through QT-15)
  • 200 PSIG-Rated ASME/CRN-Coded Receiver
  •  ASME-Coded Relief Valves in the Inter-stage, Discharge Line and Receiver Tank
  • Tank Pressure Gauge
  • Service Valve
  • Pressure Switch on Electric Models
  • Loadless Auto-Stop/Start Controls
  • 200, 230, 460, 575 Volt Full Voltage Magnetic Starters†**
  • Single Source Duplex Control Panels on Duplex Units†
  • Kohler, Honda and Diesel Engines
  • OSHA Complaint Totally Enclosed Belt Guard
  • UL Listed and CSA certified electrical components
  • Manual Ball Valve Tank Drain†
  • Factory Fill of Quin-Cip Lubricant
  • One-Year Warranty Standard
  • Optional NO BULL Warranty 3-Year Pump/ 2-Year Package Warranty

QT Optional Configured Features

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors (TEFC)
  • NEMA 4
  • California Code 462L OSHA Approval
  • Air Cooled Aftercoolers*
  • Automatic Tank Drain*
  • Vibration Isolators on Horizontal Models*
  • Simplex Control Panel
  • Dual Power Source Duplex Control Panel
  • Low Oil Level Switch*
  •  Dual Controls (Standard on 15 hp Pro and Standard 10-15 hp Max Units)
  • Optional Tank Sizes
  • Base Mounted Units

Quincy QT Model

QT is available in five splash lubricated two-stage models from 5 hp to 15 hp. The 230-volt single-phase and three-phase Pro and Max part numbers are listed on the chart above. All Pro and Max part numbers are voltage specific. See your Quincy Compressor distributor for additional voltages and part numbers. The QT-5 is also available as a Pro Plus option. This offers all the anmentities as the Max without the LOL switch.

QT Pro Package 5-15 hp

  • ODP Motor
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Ball Valve Tank Drain
  • Automatic Start/Stop 5 to 10 hp
  • Dual Control on 15 hp
  • NO BULL Warranty Availabl

QT Pro Plus Package 5 hp only

  • ODP Slow Speed Motor
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Automatic Tank Drain
  • Automatic Start/Stop 5 to 7.5 hp
  • Dual Control on 10-15 hp
  • Low Oil Level Shutdown
  • NO BULL Warranty Available

QT Max Package 5-15 hp

  • ODP Slow Speed Motor
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Automatic Tank Drain
  • Automatic Start/Stop 5 to 7.5 hp
  • Dual Control on 10-15 hp
  • Low Oil Level Shutdown
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler
  • NO BULL Warranty Available

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