Acadiana E-line Weight Indicator System

Acadiana E-line Weight Indicator System provides very accurate readings for measuring the amount of tension on the  wireline. Essential for logging tools or when tools are placed or pulled out of the hole.

Acadiana E-line Weight Indicator System Trustworthy Gauges :

  • Iso 9001:2015 Certified
  • All Gauges And Sensors Are Manufactured In-house, In The Usa And Are Certified To Nist Calibration
  • Standards In Accordance Or Surpassing Api 6a Standards
  • All Load-bearing Sensors And Devices To Pressure Vessels Are Designed And Proof Tested, Supported With All Certified Calculation, Design Certification And Fea’s

Manufacturing Safe Products

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments strives to design, develop and manufacture safe, cost effective and superior products in the industry without sacrificing quality. Through a team approach of continually improving our processes, traceablility, design and procurement, executing an aggressive commitment to meet and exceed industry standards while always conforming to our customers’ needs.

Our team knows all aspects of instrumentation, and we work side by side with our customers to deliver the right solution to suit their needs, regardless of the circumstances or obstacles to overcome. Our product lines range from hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and digital instruments catering to all sectors of industry, from drilling, drilling contractors, operators, tong manufactures, wireline services, fracking and workover services

Acadiana E-line Weight Indicator System Specifications

  • 6″ easy viewing gauge with 10:1 ball bearing movement
  • Custom hose length (15′ standard)
  • 12.0 aluminum hard anodized compression load cell
  • Capacities include 5,000, 6,000, & 10,000 lbs (custom ranges available upon request)
  • Kilogram and decanewton equivalents available
  • **Single pointer gauges also available upon request**

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  • 10:1 ball bearing movement for added sensitivity and reduce sluggishness
  • Black weight pointer makes a complete 360° revolution
  • Red vernier pointer gives 10 times the sensitivity showing the slightest weight fluctuations
  • Gauge mounting: L-shape bracket or console mounting
  • Pointer sensitivity regulated by the integral low pressure damper


  • Land trucks
  • Offshore skids (for use on 2′ & 3′ measuring heads)

Ordering Information

System # Range Load
Gauge # Measuring Head Hose
A73-150 5,000 73-150 3′ Reamco 15′
A73-190 6,000 73-190 3′ Reamco 15′
A73-217 10,000 73-217 3′ Reamco 15′
A73-215 10,000 73-215 3′ Gearhart 15′

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