ACR Artex ACR OLAS CORE Base Station for OLAS Transmitters and MOB Alarm System

ACR Olas-Core Base Station gives boaters complete confidence that in the event of a MOB incident, the entire crew is alerted instantly and can take immediate recovery actions. Consisting of an easy to install base station that can be permanently mounted or used as a portable solution, the CORE communicates wirelessly with all connected OLAS transmitters at the same time.  Syncing transmitters is simple with a single button push that not only syncs the transmitter(s) with the CORE but also allows users to connect transmitters to the OLAS mobile app.

The CORE is your back-up for your back-up. Let’s face it, we all overuse our smartphones, and out on the water, they can overheat, run out of battery, and simply break. The CORE ensures your MOB situation is not solely reliant on your mobile device and thereby provides an additional level of security when paired with your ACR OLAS MOB system. The CORE works using the latest wireless Bluetooth 5 technology and in the event of a MOB incident, it triggers a loud built-in alarm and emergency light, providing both audible and visual cues to alert the crew of the situation.

ACR Olas-Core Base Station Features

  • ACR OLAS Free Mobile App Integration
  • Ultra-Bright Red LED Visual Alarm
  • 85 db Audible Alarm
  • Connect up to 15 ACR OLAS Transmitters
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Utilizes the latest Bluetooth® 5.0 Technology
  • Portable / Low Power Consumption – 5V USB
  • Expand system coverage from 50 ft. to 80 ft. using the OLAS EXTENDER

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ACR Olas-Core Base Station Advantages

  • OLAS Integration
    Any OLAS transmitting devices (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On LED Lights) within range can be tracked by the CORE, allowing freedom for the crew to move around the deck with total confidence that an early warning system will alert them instantly of a MOB incident, so a swift recovery can be actioned.
  • Connects to 15 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On LED Lights)
    Connecting up to 15 OLAS transmitters allows the CORE to be used on onboard larger vessels. OLAS transmitters are not only relevant to tracking crew members, simply by attaching a transmitter to objects such as MOB flotation devices, the dog, or a yacht tender, but you can also always be aware if something has gone missing.
  • Portable / low power consumption – 5V USB
    The OLAS CORE is a portable base station that is powered by a 5V USB power supply enabling it to be used on different vessels without requiring hard wiring.
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
    An 85db alarm will sound to indicate an ACR OLAS transmitter has gone out of range and a high-power emergency red light will illuminate, offering a clear visual indication of a MOB alert, whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the area to aid with recovery at night. The CORE can also be linked up with the OLAS app so that alarms can be placed in multiple locations on the vessel.
  • Integrates with the ACR OLAS Mobile App data and monitoring
    – Instantly records the GPS location of the MOB alert position, guides the user back to the location with clear directional screens, and advises on the correct mayday call procedure.
    – Monitors all ACR OLAS Transmitters that are being tracked and enables customized ID names for easy identification
    – Monitors battery level of all connected ACR OLAS Tags
    – Enables you to add/remove OLAS Tags and Float-Ons from the system
    – Provides the option to manually activate/deactivate the alarm system
  • Expand the OLAS CORE Coverage Area
    An OLAS Extender can be used with the OLAS CORE to cover areas where the Transmitter signal may be blocked. This allows use on larger vessels up to 80ft and the ability to scale the system up as required.
  • System Feedback
    The CORE clearly indicates how many OLAS transmitters are connected during the setup process. Transmitters can be added/removed from the system either using the mobile app or through a simple integrated switching process. ACR OLAS is a must-have addition to your safety toolkit. It provides a simple and cost-effective safety solution for everyone on board including adults, children, and even pets.


ACR Product Number PN 2984
Size 3.6” (H) x 3.5” (L) x 1.5” (W)/92 (H) x 90 (L) x 38 (W) mm
Weight 3.88 Ounces (110 g)
Color Black and Clear
Operation Press button once to turn on, all tags within 2 meters are tracked
Maximum Number of Connected OLAS transmitter Connects up to 15 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags and/or OLAS Float-On)
Power / Current 5V / 13-17mA
Visual Alarm Red LED / 55 Lumens
Audible Alarm 85 Decibels
MOB System Track up to 15 different OLAS transmitters with 1 phone/tablet.  OLAS Transmitters can be tracked by an unlimited number of phones/tablets (Bluetooth 4.1 Compatible).
The ALARM sounds within 8 seconds of a Man Overboard situation.  The system records the MOB location using your phone/tablets GPS and directs the boat back to the last known location for a quick and easy recovery.
Compatible with the ACR OLAS Guardian, Extender, Mobile App, Float-On, and Tag.
Mobile App IOS and Android (Free Download)
Connect multiple OLAS transmitters to 1 phone or tablet
Connect 1 OLAS transmitter to multiple phones / tablets
Solo Mode (Text Message Alerts to Emergency Contacts with GPS coordinates)
Download the ACR OLAS App on the App store or get it on Google Play: Search ‘ACR OLAS’
Range For use with vessels up to 50 feet (15 meters).
Extend the coverage range on larger vessels with the ACR OLAS EXTENDER for coverage on boats up to 80 feet.
Scalability Upgrade your system with the ACR OLAS Guardian (Base Station with Alarm and Engine Kill Switch) and the ACR OLAS Extender (extends the range of your MOB system from a vessel size of 50 ft up to 80 ft).
Buoyant No
Waterproof Yes (IP67)
Housing Material ABS
Fuse Not Applicable
Bluetooth® 4.2 + 5.0
Applications Recreational and Commercial Boating
Accessories (included) USB Charging Cable
Warranty 2 Years
Approvals FCC, RED, CE, RoHS 2.0


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