Anderson Power Saf-D-Grid® Connector Series

Saf-D-Grid | Connector Series

Anderson Power Saf-D-Grid Connector has led the connector industry in the development of DC power connection solutions since the introduction of the SB® electrical connector in 1953.  Saf-D-Grid® builds on the proven contact technology used in SB® and Powerpole® connectors by offering features required in 380-400VDC power distribution systems.  APP® developed the Saf-D-Grid® connector system as a safe appliance power connector for server, telecommunication, and other devices up to 600 VDC.

The APP® Saf-D-Grid® plug and receptacle provide for the direct connection of AC and DC electronic devices. to a DC micro-grid powered by renewable energy or high efficiency DC sources.  The connector meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications including UL 950 and IEC60950. The Saf-D-Grid® is size compatible with the IEC 320C13 and C14 connection system. It is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for current interrupt of up to 400 VDC and 30 amp load.

Saf-D-Grid® also enables greater power density by allowing up to 30A and 600V (disconnect) DC or AC within the same space of the IEC320 C13 & C14 system that is typically limited to 10A and 250 VAC.  This allows the use of Saf-D-Grid® in AC systems that require more power by increasing the wattage capability within the existing connector space.

Anderson Power Saf-D-Grid Connector Features

  • Make-first/Break-last connection
    Provides the safety of an earthing path before engagement of the power contacts.
  • Integral Latch
    Connectors cannot be accidentally unmated, preventing unwanted power loss to critical equipment.
  • Hot Plug Rated
    The connectors are rated for current interruption for both electronic (capacitive) and electrical (resistive) loads.
  • Touch Save / Shot Protection
    Minimizes the risk of personal contact with a hazardous voltage. Passes UL & IEC finger probe (plug & receptacle) and 3mm probe tests (receptacle).
  • Arcing Protection
    Housings contain the arc if connectors are mated or unmated while under load minimizing risk to personnel.
  • Power Density
    Saf-D-Grid® delivers up to 400V AC or DC at up to 30A through the footprint of an IEC 320 C14.

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