Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR Bronze Swing Check Valve

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Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR lead-free* is a proven combination that provides economical installation and reliable service for potable water applications. These valves are cast, machined, assembled, and tested in South Carolina using proven ASTM quality materials.

Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR Lead Free Bronze Swing Check Valve
163TLF-PR Lead Free Bronze Swing Check Valve

Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR Features

  • Fast, Reliable, Economical Press Installation
  • Ridgid® XL Press Tool Compatible
  • Leak Before Press® Technology
  • Quick Press End Connection
  • Renewable PTFE Seat Disc
  • Dezincification Resistant
  • Made in USA, ARRA Compliant


  • MSS SP-80 Design and Testing
  • MSS SP-139 Copper Alloy Gate, Globe, & Check Valves
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Water Quality
  • NSF/ANSI 372 Lead Free
  • CRN 0C14667.5

Performance Rating

  • Maximum Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 bar) non-shock
  • Temperature Range: 0°F – 250ºF (-18°C – 121°C)

Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR Standard Material List

Body ASTM B584 C89836 Bronze
Cap ASTM B584 C89836 Bronze
Connector Housing UNS C27450 Brass
Connector O-Ring NSF grade EPDM
Hanger 304 Stainless Steel or ASTM B584 C89836 Bronze
Pin Stainless Steel
Plug UNS C27450 Brass

APOLLOPRESS® connectors are designed for direct mechanical connection to ASTM B88-Type K, L, and M copper tubing in the hard drawn condition. Press connectors are not suitable for steam or flammable gas service.

***Not recommended for applications which may induce pulsation or repetitive vibration. See Installation Manual for details.

Ref: www.apollovalves.com
Download Data Sheets: Apollo Valves 163TLF-PR Lead Free Bronze Swing Check Valve

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