Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series Pressure Reducing Valve

Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series is easily installed to protect residential and commercial water distribution systems by automatically reducing excessive supply pressures. The dezincification-resistant bronze body, stainless steel adjusting screw, and dielectric polymer cage provide maximum corrosion resistance. Designed for easy in-line servicing with simple cartridge removal.

Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series Pressure Reducing Valve
36E-PR Series Pressure Reducing Valve

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Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series Features

  • Fast, Reliable, Economical Press Installation
  • Ridgid® XL Press Tool Compatible
  • Leak Before Press® Technology
  • Balanced Piston Design
  • Sealed Cage for Vault Installations
  • Built-in Thermal Expansion Bypass
  • Large Area Integral Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Modular Seat Disc and Strainer Cartridge
  • Control Pressure Ranges: 15-75 psi and 75-150 psi
  • Factory Tested and Preset at 60 or 100 psi
  • High Flow / High-Efficiency Design
  • Made in USA, ARRA Compliant

Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series Performance Rating

  • Maximum Press Fitting Pressure: 250 psi (17.2 bar)
  • Maximum Temperature: 180ºF (82°C)


  • ASSE 1003-2009 – Water Pressure Reducing Valves
  • CSA B356 – Water Pressure Reducing Valves For Domestic Water Supply Systems


  • (36ELF) – Certified Lead Free

Apollo Valves 36E-PR Series Standard Material List

Connector Housing Brass, ASTM B16
Connector O-Ring NSF Grade EPDM
Body Bronze, ASTM B584
Union Nut Brass, ASTM B16
Tailpiece Brass, ASTM B16
Screen Stainless Steel
Cap Noryl
Diaphragm NSF Grade EPDM
Seat Disc NSF Grade EPDM
Adjusting Screw/Nut Stainless Steel
Spring Spring Steel, ASTM 228
O-Ring NSF Grade EPDM

***APOLLOPRESS® connectors are designed for direct mechanical connection to ASTM B88-Type K, L, and M copper tubing in the hard drawn condition. Press connectors are not suitable for steam or flammable gas service.
Ref: www.apollovalves.com
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