Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Systems


Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Systems are two main different types of magnets, permanent magnets, and electromagnets. A permanent magnet is called a permanent magnet because its magnetism is ‘always on’, it generates its own persistent magnetic field, unlike an electromagnet which is made from a coil of wire wrapped around a ferrous core and requires an electric current to generate a magnetic field. An electromagnet’s magnetism can be controlled and turned off and on at the flick of a switch as the magnetism depends on a constant flow of electricity.

In addition to permanent magnets and electromagnets, there are temporary magnets. Some metals are defined as ferromagnetic, this means that they exhibit their own magnetic properties and are defined as magnetically ‘soft’ materials. Permanent (hard) magnets and temporary (soft) magnets are both ferromagnetic but temporary magnets only display noticeable magnetic properties when influenced by a permanent magnet and tend to not stay magnetized

Magnet permanent
Magnet permanent

Magnetically soft materials such as steel conduct magnetism when attached to a magnet but this ceases when the magnet is removed.

There are several types of permanent magnets, each manufactured differently from different materials with different properties. The five types of permanent magnets are alnico, samarium cobalt, ferrite, flexible rubber and the strongest permanent magnets, neodymium magnets.

Permanent Magnet Products

Huge selection of different kinds of permanent magnets supply. According to different magnetic materials or different application, Permanent Magnets include the following items:

Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets are ideal for corrosive and high heat applications up to 930°F (500°C). Mag Spring can supply a variety of Cast and Sintered grades according to different application.

NdFeB magnets

Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, popularly named Neodymium Magnets, NdFeB magnets or NIB Magnets are one kind of rare earth magnets with excellent Energy Product and high Coercive Force. As an essential basic functional material for saving energy and developing green industry, NdFeB magnets are widely used In motor, generator, elevator, sensor, separators, MRI, VCM, DVD,

If you want to buy right NdFeB Magnets , Please, the following information if possible.

  •  Any drawing or Shape, Dimension and Tolerance of magnets that you want to order;
  • NdFeB magnets grade or detailed magnetic Properties
  • of The direction of magnetization in, or Not MAGNETIZED MAGNETIZED During Delivery;
  • Other Possible Requirement IF, SUCH AS Coating’s, Working-temperture;
  • The Qties, Delivery Way (AIR or Sea Shipment Shipment);
  • Any Seaport or Airport that close to your company.
  • . if you want the cheapest price magnets, N25 N28 Grade is also available.

SmCo Magnets,

Mag Spring® is a professional supplier of high-quality Samarium cobalt magnets (Samarium Magnets) from China .We can supply Samarium Permanent Magnets with highest properties in China. Our Samarium magnets are widely exported to Germany, the USA, Japan, Russia, etc. The capacity is 1000 tons per year.

The Maximum Samarium Cobalt Magnets that Mag Spring can supply:

  • Disc SmCo Magnets, Diameter 120x100mm,axially magnetized.
  • Block Magnets 120mm×120mm×100mm, Magnetized through 100mm.
  • Small DIsc, Block or Arc, Ring SmCo Magnets can made from Big Disc or Block SmCo Magnets by cutting and grinding .
  • The Minimum Diameter of SmCo magnets can be only 1mm.

If you want to buy right Samarium Cobalt Magnets ,Please tell us the following information if possible.

  • Any drawing or Shape, Dimension and tolerance.
  • SmCo Magnet Grade or Detailed Magnetic properties.
  • Direction of magnetization of Samarium Cobalt Magnets, magnetized or not magnetized for shipment.
  • Other requirement if possible.
  • Quantity, delivery way( sea shipment or air shipment ).

Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite arc magnets or Ceramic arc magnets

Ferrite arc magnets or Ceramic arc magnets are made by mould pressing and grinding. They do not need coating for using. Because the cheap raw material cost, This Ceramic magnets are widely used in DC motor or start motor of Auto, Motorcycle, Electric tools, Gym equipment, Home electrical appliance, etc


  • Rich raw material resource
  • High electric resistant, small eddy current loss
  • Good corrosion resistant

AlNiCo Magnets,

Alnico magnets are ideal for corrosive and high heat applications up to 930°F (500°C). Mag Spring can supply a variety of Cast and Sintered grades according to different application.

Rubber Magnets

Rubber Magnets, also named flexible magnets, are made from ferrite magnet powders, plastics (such as Nylon, PP, PVC, etc.) and other materials by rolling, extruding or injecting. These compounds can be easily made into required shape, even size, such as strip, roll, sheet and other complicated shapes. Also it is very easy to incise, stiletto, slit on them because these magnets have good plasticity. They can be used in Advertising Vehicle signage(Named Magnetic Signs), Shelf and bin marking, Craft, decoration items, toys, and Surface masking, etc.


  • Good plasticity
  • Can be easily folded, twisted without losing its magnetic power
  • Low price because plentiful raw materials
  • High corrosion resistant


  • Available In roll, strip roll, sheet, etc
  • Isotropic and anisotropic rubber magnets available
  • Available with PVC, Pressure Sensitive adhesive,
  • UV coating is available for outdoor using and anti-stick when stacked on.
  • Custom made

Motor Magnets

According to different application , Motor Magnets include the following shape:Block , Ring , Arc, Disc and Rhombic. According to different raw materials , there are Ferrite Motor magnets,SmCo Motor Magnets and NdFeB Motor Magnets.

NdFeB motor magnets have features of low temperature coefficient and low weight loss. Samarium motor magnets have better corrosion resistant and can working more stable on high temperature. Ferrite  materials is cheapest, but always need big tool charge for new samples.

Rare earth segment magnet,arc magnets,motor magnets are mainly used for various motors, generators, such as Elevator Motors (Traction Machines), Wind Turbines, Servo Motors, Motors for Hybrid Electric Vehicle or Battery Electric Vehicles, Linear motors and Compressor Motors, drive motor for ship, etc.

The features of Sintered  NdFeB   motor  magnets

  • High working temperature and thermostability  base on high coercive force, the max coercivity of mag spring’s AH grade NdFeB magnets (Hcj) ≥35kOe;
  • Low temperature coefficient: reversible Temperature Coefficients aBr<-0.1%℃-1,bHcj<-0.45%℃-1;
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance:  The weight loss ≤1.0mg/cm2 in HAST (125℃, 0.26Mpa, 95%RH, 20days);
  • Superior anti-corrosion technology: Aluminum composite coating can withstand more than 500 hours under NSS test. Teflon coating can withstand more than 500hours under Neutral salt spray test.
  • High uniformity :magnetic flux can be within +/-0.25% if need;
  • Large size products: Magnet block’s dimensions larger than 200mm×150mm×80mm can be produced
  • custom made available

The features of Sintered SmCo motor magnets

  • Highest properties in China , Br>1.15T , (BH) max>=32MGOes
  • Better corrosion resistant than Ndfeb magnets
  • Better working stability than NdFeB magnets in high temperature.
  • Custom made available

Radial Magnets

Radial Magnets is good solution to instead of traditional segment magnets. they have following advantages :

  • Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
  • Geometric precision
  • Variety of magnetic configuration
  • Design and assembly simplification
  • Precision of motor performances
  • Cost efficiency
They can be made from  the  NdFeB,SmCo,Ferrite Magnetic Materials. the process way have Sintered and Bonded. They can be made into multi pole rings by multi pole magnetized tool. Ideal for using in the industries of  magnetic rotating, magnetic sensor, magnetic timer,magnetic bearings, steering control motors, actuators,stepper motors,Magnetic clutch,peripheral motors,spindle motors.

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separators in Different Designs and Types

Depending on your requirement, you can get an exclusive range of magnetic separators that are easy to use and come with a number of added benefits. These devices are green solutions to remove ferrous tramps metals from the material of ore, food, pharmacy and chemistry. At Mag-Spring, we have a variety of separators that you can choose and get according to your choice:

  • Magnetic Tube Separator, Grate Magnetic Separator and Magnetic Hopper Separator
  • Self Cleaning Grate Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Drawer Separator, and Magnetic Trap Separator
  • Drum Magnetic Separators, Suspended Magnets and Plate Magnetic Separators
  • Hump Magnet, Plate Housing Magnet Separator and Cross Belt Magnet Separator
  • Rotary Grate Magnet Separator, Over Band Magnet Separator and Magnetic Coolant Separator
  • Choose the right type of device or magnetic tool, go through the details and get them delivered direct to your address.

Customized magnetic separators are also offered that is an added advantage to help you in choosing what exactly you are looking for. Placing your order is far easier and hassle-free at Mag-Spring. Our main motive is to bring to you something creative and provide you with a user guide. Same-day dispatching, a user guide, maintenance support, documentation, customs clearance, etc are some of the added benefits you will get from us. We have multilingual professionals, who have proven track record and years of experience in providing what exactly you are looking for.

Magnet Sparator
Magnet Sparator

Magnetic separators are a green solutions to remove ferrous tramp metals from materials of ore, food, pharmacy, chemistry, etc,

Magnetic Tube Separator (Max magnetic strength of D25mm tube can be up to 14000Gs)

  • Grate Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Hopper separator
  • Self Cleaning Grate Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Drawer Separator
  • Magnetic trap Separator
  • Drum Magnetic Separator
  • Suspended Magnets
  • Plate Magnetic Separators
  • Hump ​​Magnet
  • Plate Housing Magnet Separator
  • Cross Belt Magnet Separator
  • Rotary Grate Magnet Separator
  • Over Band Magnet Separator
  • Magnetic Coolant Separator

Pot Magnets

The pot magnet is one kind magnetic assembly that consist of a metal “pot” and a permanent magnets.  There is maybe a hole, thread or removable hook in center of this magnet assembly. the metal pot  is important part of the magnetic circuit.  the magnetic force of Science designed pot magnets is much stronger than alone is the most efficient design to provide an easy, non-destructive way to suspend objects or attach them to metal.

Magnet POT
Magnet POT

Some customer also call it magnetic holders, cup magnets, magnetic hook, hook magnets or magnetic pot. They are widely used for fixing, holding, mounting, lifting, and transferring objects useful in the field of construction, engineering, automotive, etc or in the place of office, family, warehouse etc.

The pot magnets are also named magnetic holders, cup magnets, magnetic hooks,hook magnets or magnetic pot. They are widely used for fixing, holding, mounting, lifting and transferring objects useful in the field of construction, engineering, automotive, etc or in the place of office, family, warehouse etc.

There are Neodymium Pot Magnets, Ferrite Pot Magnets, SmCo Pot Magnets and AlniCo pot Magnets made from different permanent magnets.


  • 13 standard styles of  NdFeB magnetic pots, 9 standard styles of Ferrite magnetic pots, 3 standard styles of AlNiCO pots,  SmCO magnetic pots size can be same with NdFeB pots
  • The surface can be Zinc coating, Nickel coating, different color painting and rubber cover, etc.
  • Custom-made available.
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