Microsensorcorp MPM4811 Level Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MPM4811 Level Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MPM4811 Level Transmitter is a full sealed submersible transmitter for level and temperature measurement with good quality. A high stable and reliable piezo-resistive pressure sensor and a Pt1000 temperature sensor are mounted with the high-performance signal processing circuit in the stainless steel housing.

Advanced production technology and automatic production line ensure the stability of products, and good adaptation makes your device able to copy with various complex environments. It is suitable for level and temperature measurement and control in petroleum, chemical, power plant, city water supply, and hydrology fields.

Microsensorcorp MPM4811 Level Transmitter Features

  • Double standard output signal–level and temperature
  • Reversed-polarity protection
  • Level and temperature measurement
  • Protection IP68
  • Automatic production line for quality guarantee, stable and reliable

Construction Material

  • Housing: Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
  • Sealed Ring: Viton
  • Cable: φ7.2mm polyethylene or polyurethane cable
  • Diaphragm: Stainless Steel 316L

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Range 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200m H2O;

-20℃ …0℃ ~10℃ …70℃ ;

Overpressure 1.5 times FS
Accuracy ±0.5%FS (level); ±2℃ (temperature);
Power Supply 12V~30V DC
Output Signal 4mA~20mA DC(level) + 4mA~20mA DC (temperature)
Stability ±0.2%FS/year
Zero thermal drift ±0.02%FS/℃
FS thermal drift ±0.05%FS/℃
Operation Temp -10℃ ~70℃
Storage Temp. -20℃ ~85℃
Electrical Connection 4-wire (level & temperature double output)
Load(Ω) <(U-12V)/0.02A


  1. Please make sure the measured media is compatible with contacting material; please pay attention to media density in the measurement (except water);
  2. Polyethylene and polyurethane cables are optional and charged for materials and length;
  3. If the product is installed in the “lightning and thunder” area, please note “lightning-proof” in the order. We suggest choosing the Lightning-proof Protection Device to protect the transmitter. Please be sure good grounding as well;
  4. Under standard conditions (4℃, g=9.80665 m/s2), the corresponding relationship between 1mH2O and pressure is shown as follows: 1mH2O = 0.1kgf/cm2 = 9.80665kPa;
  5. If the user has a special requirement, please contact us

Download Datasheet: MPM4811, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

Ref: Miceosensorcorp.com

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