IMP Lite Pulsar Level Measurement


IMP Lite Pulsar Level Measurement can be used wherever you need reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement and digital echo processing means IMP Lite is perfect for slurries or liquids and anywhere you need a display telling you the level, or an analogue output to interface with your site control system or drive a display. The full IMP range is available with the wetted parts in PVDF build alternative for corrosive or aggressive applications.

IMP Lite Pulsar Level Measurement Features

  • 2-wire configuration
  • RJ11 Port
  • Up to 10m range available

Compact and low-profile

When used on battery power for intermittent (wake-up) applications, IMP Lite’s high speed boot up of circa 3 seconds maximises battery life. For example, if an IMP Lite were switched on every 15 minutes for a 3 second reading, average current is a mere 40µA.

Active and passive (sourcing and sinking) analogue outputs assist with system integration, especially when retro-fitting into older installations.

IMP Lite Pulsar Level Measurement Specifications


Dimensions: 175mm (6.9in) overall height x 130mm (5.12in) diameter
Cable Entry: 2 off 16mm (0.63in) cable glands 3.5-10mm (0.14-0.39in) cable dia
Mounting: 1.5” (3m/10ft) and 6m/20ft) range versions), 2” (10m/33ft version) universal thread – suits BSP and NPT, parallel and tapered
Weight: Approximately 1kg (2.2lbs)


Temp. range (process): ­-40ºC to +80ºC (-40ºF to +176ºF)
Temp. range (ambient): -20ºC to +65ºC (-4ºF to +149ºF)
IP Rating: IP67


Beam Angle (-3dB half power): <10º inclusive
Operating Frequency: 125kHz
Measurement Range: 0.2-3m (0.66ft-10ft)
Beam Angle (-3dB half power): <10º inclusive
Operating Frequency: 75kHz
Measurement Range: 0.3m-6m (0.98ft – 20ft)
Beam Angle (-3dB half power): <10º inclusive
Operating Frequency: 41kHz
Measurement Range: 0.3m-10m (0.98ft-33ft)


Input Voltage: 11-30V, 3.5 – 22mA
Accuracy: ±0.25% or 6mm/0.24in (whichever is greater)
Resolution: ± 0.1% or 2mm/0.08in (whichever is greater)
4-20mA Outputs: Resolution 5µA (both active and passive outputs)
Temperature Compensation: Via internal temperature sensor (±0.5ºC accuracy). Level and volume conversion are installed allowing linearisation for tank shapes
2-wire Configuration: RS232 (RJ11 port) connection for diagnostics and software updates
4 digit LCD display
4 button keypad for parameter entry
Power consumption: 3.5 – 22mA
Passive 4-20mA output
No flammable atmosphere approval
PC Interface-PC Suite: All parameters can be accessed and changed through PC Suite software. Echo traces may be viewed on screen.

Download Datasheet: IMP Lite Pulsar Level Measurement


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